Campaign of the Month: June 2014

Battletech : The Farscape Campaign

Episode 95a - Where the Wild Things Are

“And the wild things roared their terrible roars and gnashed their terrible teeth and rolled their terrible eyes and showed their terrible claws.”

Roll Call————————————-Mechs

Bruce (Glamour)————————Phoenix Hawk LAM
JP (Pitbull) ————————-——-Battlemaster
Greg (Fixer)——————————-Flashman
Jay (Advocate)—————————Flashman
Chris (Caboose)————————-Thug
Ken (Templar) -————————- Crockett
Scott (Moxie) -————————— Maxim Heavy Hover Tank

November 5th, 3023 : Following a series of transfers across the unit to equip * The Blood Raiders, and some final negotiations, the unit decided to take advantage of the time delay for their main contract, Contract – Operation : “Where the Wild Things Are” to get a head start. Leaves were cancelled, supplies organized and lift-off prepared for the 7th.

November 7th, 3023 : Lift-off proceeded on time, with all troops reporting in. Burn for the jump-point began, while the Blood Raiders awaited Davion’s assigned transport to begin their own first contract, Contract – Operation : “Shake-Down”.

November 16th, 3023 : All unit ships docked and the fleet jumped to System – Gollere. without incident. The fleet burned down to the planet and their allies in The Barony of Horn, where they landed three days later.

November 19th, 3023 : Welcomed by Baron Jemmas of Horn, the Line units were invited to a feast in their honour the following day.

November 20th, 3023 : The initial attempts at civility failed (mutters of “Barbarians…” from among the locals), but the feast went well. Eventually, Colonel Kanto Jokukad “Pitbull” offered the Baron the unit’s salvaged lines for the Cosmic Knife and its associated LIF-CK Micro-Fusion Battery Pack, along with all the necessary blueprints and parts. Negotiations began, and the Baron settled on a 25% cut to the Dingoes, with a promise he would begin manufacturing once a new facility was built and repair parts for the lines could be accumulated. He was certain he could provide many of the resources himself, and acquire the remaining supplies from the planetary Mangai. The unit also requested permission to hire some local admin squads from the barony’s local college, and received permission.

November 25th, 3023 : After several days of R&R, staff interviews, acquiring some local consumables and unloading the manufacturing lines, the unit prepared for burn to the jump-point. They promised to return once they had completed their present contract, and lifted-off.

November 28th, 3023 : The unit docked and stored cargo, and jumped out-system to System – Kaaniir without incident.

-December 6th, 3023_ : The fleet jumped to the uninhabited System – Vior without incident.

December 7th, 3023 : One day into their recharge at the jump-point, the fleet picked-up a vessel jumping-in, called the “Sword of the Stars”. Concerned, the unit dispatched the “Revolver” and its AeroSpace Fighters to investigate. Located some distance away, the vessel was approached by the DropShip, where it was noticed it had not deployed a jump-sail, and seemed to have a mass of around 100,000 tons. Information relayed back to the unit allowed them to identify the vessel as an Aquilla-Class Transport JumpShip, out of the System-State – “The Bellguardian Sojourn”; one of their up-gunned “Sojourner Lancers”. The unit recalled their scouts and continued charging, with an eye on the vessel as it began refueling operations.

December 15th, 3024 : System – Great Gorge – Arrival in their target system reveled something they hadn’t thought of… the distance from the jump-point to the planet required an immense amount of travel time (30 days!). They reported into Davion authorities upon clearing their comms, and officially reported in.

After clearing customs with their authority codes and mercenary contract numbers, the unit was informed of the situation.

A company-sized force of BattleMechs had jumped into a nearby pitrate-point, and burned to the planet to raid some of the valuable industry of Dark Star Corporation. The local forces were mustered to repel them and two days into the counter-raid, another small force of Mechs landed in a backwater part of the mining zones, and raided a mining facility that had been extracting ammonium-nitrate, the primary ingredient for ANFO, a military-grade explosive. The facility was raided for its equipment and its entire stockpile of AN, before they loaded everything and lifted-off. The first raiding group also lifted-off in their own transport, and quickly travelled to their pirate-point for evac from the system.

The unit was requested by the local mercenary garrison, The Dioscuri to track down the pirates and eliminate them or bring back proof of their success. Recovery of the explosive compounds would bring a bonus reward.

The unit discussed their options, and noting they had a little extra time to begin their contract decided to travel to the best location someone wanting to sell illegal explosives, would be in System – Drellesarr. Reporting the direction they planned to take, the unit deployed their sails and began prep for the route they intended to take.

December 22nd, 3023 : System – Vior – Return to this system and recharge without incident. The “Lancer” was long gone. Christmas spent between ships, with minor celebrations on each JumpShip.

December 29th, 3023 : System – Grendal – Jump in-system to this agricultural world, without incident. New Year’s greetings sent to the “Mercenary visitors” from the planetary colony.

January 4th, 3024 : System – Ildrissar – Entering the system, they were immediately informed that there was a current dispute in-system, and that the unit must remain at their jump-point for recharging, unless authorized by the Corporate Regulatory Authority at Babylon Summit. The unit assured them they were passing through, and spent the week in quiet, listening to system communications before jumping out-system.

January 11th, 3024 : System – Tharrill – Entering this system, the unit quietly reported their presence to planetary authority and stayed put, depspite some members were champing at the bit to investigate Anatar and the Red Plague. Rim AeroSpace dominated the economy and system industry, but seemed like a friendly enough organization. Their trip was without other incident.

January 19th, 3024 : System – Drellesarr – Without any sort of real planetary authority, the unit left its JumpShips and other transports under the guns of the “Revolver” and “The Freedom of the Stars”. The Line units headed in-system to Drellesarr aboard the “Relentless”, “Star Talon” and “Pandora’s Box”.

January 23rd, 3024 : The burn down to the planet was uneventful, with the unit identifying the main “starport” and landing on the fields outside the main community of Merim City.

Adventure awaits.



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