Campaign of the Month: June 2014

Battletech : The Farscape Campaign

Episode 95b - Where the Wild Things Are

“But the wild things cried, “Oh please don’t go- We’ll eat you up- we love you so!”

Roll Call————————————-Mechs

JP (Pitbull) ————————-——-Battlemaster
Greg (Fixer)——————————-Flashman
Jay (Advocate)—————————Flashman
Chris (Caboose)————————-Thug
Ken (Templar) -————————- Crockett
Scott (Moxie) -————————— Maxim Heavy Hover Tank


Merim City

January 23rd, 3024 : Landing in the carbon-blasted salt flats near Merin City, the unit’s combat DropShips towered over the shuttles, rock-hoppers and handful of small DropShips present. The group gathered Colonel Kanto Jokukad “Pitbull”, Captain Massimo De Luca “Advocate” and Captain Pol Baca “Templar” along with three of Shiv’s Star Talon’s squads as guards, and readied one of their Maxim Hover Transports from the Line armor unit. Taking the Maxim, they entered the outer parking bays of the colony, and made their way inside, leaving one squad to guard the Maxim. The colony was inter-connected by walkway tubes, filled with dust and trash, and smelled like the “Brush Wolf”. Mmmm. The unit immediately encountered local security, and after presenting “…the proper papers…”, broke into groups to see if they could find out information regarding “Indro the Lightless”, the pirate lord that had supposedly hit System – Great Gorge, and stolen the shipments of explosives.

Pitbull tracked down a reportedly good dealer in BattleMechs, and sold the unit’s Dragon, Archer, and Banshee, eventually trading them for a pair of good condition OTL-4D Ostsols for * The Blood Raiders. Templar managed to track down the location of Indro’s local fort, an abandoned fortified mining settlement out in the wastes, learning that there was rumored to be a company of near-pirate mercenaries guarding the facility for Indro, known as “The Wild Things”. Advocate failed to find any crew, though he managed to talk to a number of “wet naval” officers. How they had found themselves on a desert planet was exactly unknown.

January 25th, 3024 : After a couple days of loading operations, the group planned for their sub-orbital drop near the facility, and the attack on the garrison. The drop went unopposed, allowing the until to land near the facility, and approach from the open desert to the west. They managed to get quite close, noting the blast crater west of the fort, as well as several buildings within the complex, and armed towers around the gates. Long range sensors detected a lance on “patrol” east of the facility.


As they approached, alarms began, and while infantry in hostile environment suits spread across the gates, the patrol lance approached quickly and the internal Mechs activated and began leaving through the northern gate.


The southern lance quickly moved to close with the walls, under cover of a scattered rock formation, while the two heavier lances moved slowly, providing scattered PPC fire among the departing northern lances. The towers revealed themselves to be “Secondary Missile Hells”, armed with three LRMs each on turrets, which opened up on the leading Mechs, primarily MechWarrior Elias Whitlocke “Stargun” (Deceased) and Captain Mitchell Kitsune “Wraith” in their BattleMasters.


The two sets of lances in the north part of the field stayed fairly static, exchanging fire and holding their ground while the Missile Hells did their jobs. The southern “Blind Justice” lance and its opponents moved through the rock formations as cover, closing with each other. The unit’s lance had been ordered to move into the fort, and silence the Missile Hells. More sniping and random hits, though the northern units continued to concentrate on the two BattleMasters. The Wolverine seemed to be trying to use the hill as cover to get into a flanking position.


Captain Michael Anderson “Fixer” got in a close-range shot on the Shadow Hawk, devastating its armor and internal CT location with all his Medium Lasers, having his Volley-Fire modules active. Stargun managed a series of hits against the Wolverine, with both his PPCs tearing through the remaining CT armor, and blowing it apart. In response, the undamaged Griffin standing behind the other, got off a lucky shot on Stargun, tearing through his already hit Head armor, blowing the Mech over and killing the faithful pilot. Stargun was dead. Pitbull called down all fire on the Griffin.


While most of Blind Justice leapt into the fort and began working on the towers and gate, Fixer continued to lay down volley fire on the Shadow Hawk, devastating it again, though it managed to remain standing and fighting. MechWarrior Faith Whinyates concentrated fire on the walls, with her AC/20 a second time, and blew through to destroy the eastern tower Missile Hell, though not before the towers rained down more devastation on the remaining BattleMaster. The recon lance continued to try to flank the central Hell’s First Light lance.


The command “Pitbull’s Pariahs” lance started to spread out a little, using the hills to gain an advantage, continuing to rain-down fire. Templar fired off all three PPCs into the first Griffin, blowing it apart for another confirmed kill. Wraith in his heavily-damaged BattleMaster, pulled back, and disengaged. Hell’s 1st Light pulled back a little to refuse the approaching recon Mechs flanking positions, and Fixer and Prince of Blind Justice slammed into their right flanks, further disrupting their advance. The remaining members, Faith and Advocate concentrated on the remaining Missile Hell tower, devastating it.


Along the north gate, Advocate and Faith left behind the devastated walls, and flanked the northern surviving five Mechs, while the pirates took multiple critical hits from the remaining command lance’s PPCs, including blowing off the RL of the Rifleman, and the LA of the _second Griffin. Both were knocked over from the severe damage they received.

The recon lance tried to back-off, but were surrounded by Hell’s 1st Light and the rest of Blind Justice, pummeled the light and medium Mechs with multiple strikes and a series of devastating physical attacks, resulting in all four enemy Mechs being knocked over and laid prone.


Severely damaged, with no chance of retreat, the Wild Things offered themselves as hostages to the Iron Dingoes, surrendering the field. It was accepted. The fort was open for looting.

The Dingoes brought in their salvage units and infantry as cover for the operation, and quickly took the surrender of the pair of resident pirate SRM-infantry platoons, as well as all the surviving pilots. The unit found a warehouse stuffed with various stolen merchandise (though none of it were the missing explosives), including medical supplies, foodstuffs, a large collection of electronics equipment, and a small hoard of illegal combat cybernetics. They salvaged the pair of Mech repair bays and its limited supply of armor patches and internal structure. A wide selection of Rifle-Infantry and MG-Infantry equipment was also taken from the barracks. The last noteworthy fact was the prisoner they found in a prison bay, the young Lady Samantha Davion-Harland, the twelve-year-old heiress of the Davion planet Bryceland. She had apparently been kidnapped by pirates while en-route to her schooling at Filtvelt Academy. She had been passed back and forth between various pirate bands for cash over the past couple months, eventually winding in the prison they had found her in. She promised a rich reward should she be returned to Davion authorities.

The group looted the facility quickly, and carted all the captured Mechs into the “Relentless”, then loaded back into their respective DropShips and blasted for lower orbit. The unit discussed their plans, and concluded that with the pirates loaded into the “Star Talon”, and the captured Mechs, they had enough proof to fulfill their contract, though they discussed whether or not they should wait the couple days and try to capture the “Silent Cut” (a rumored Union-Class DropShip_ and engage the returning remainder of the pirates, but decided that now time was essential. They chose to leave a single unit Scout behind, Senior Scout “Scammer” Firdaaz with his Swift Wind Scout Car and extra supplies, to observe the facility from a distance and report back to the unit once the pirates had returned.

Interrogation of the pirates revealed they were fallen mercenaries, contracted (not formally) to support Indro the Lightless, and that he maintained this base as a back-up supply base for his operations in the region. The “Wild Things” had heard about the Dingoes, and had been primarily targeting both BattleMasters since they knew one of them was the Dingoes’ lead Mech. It was decided the unit might also press claims on the captured Mechs.



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