Adept Creed

Comstar Liaison to the Iron Dingoes


A quiet, unassuming young man, Adept Creed seems a capable tech, also skilled in administrative matters and capable in understanding contract negotiations. He had been assigned by Comstar to ensure the objectives of the Iron Dingoes contract were met during their Contract – “Operation : Overlord”, but was reassigned at the request of the Iron Dingoes command staff (in particular, by LtSG Massimo De Luca “Advocate” ).

Adept Creed is a Regular Administrative Tech NPC.


Relatively unexceptional, Adept Creed seems to quietly brood and rarely speaks unless spoken to. He carries a finely tooled revolver in a large caliber at all times, and bears a steel shoulder case, holding his present contract and various other papers and datapads, at all times. He also carries a variety of basic tools in an old military shoulder bag whenever he is in the field.

Adept Creed is a member of the reclusive The Eskatonic Order of Comstar, an order once proscribed for its highly religious and “mystic” views of technology, but now embraced by the Comstar Order, as they have proven very skilled at technology and other technical matters.

His reassignment was considered typical, and he is rumored to have since travelled back to System – Heroditus, where he serves his order in data acquisition.

Adept Creed

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