Spaceman Aelis Eocha

Ship's Engineer


Spaceman Aelis Eocha is an AeroSpace Engineer aboard the “Brazen Rover”.

Aelis is a happy-go-lucky type of individual, though has proven to be very moody. Some people have difficulty working with her, since her preoccupied air can prove distracting. She is, however, so honestly friendly that it few can hold grudges against her for long.

Aelis can, however, also hate very deeply; should harm come to a proven friend or ally, she can reveal a vicious, vindictive streak, and will pursue vengeance with a cruel imagination and absolute singlemindedness.

In addition to a fair understanding of structural engineering and mechanical repair, Aelis is a trained specialist in electronics. A fairly robust individual in great personal shape, she is skilled in small arms and 0-G maneuvers, having spent some time as a possible ship’s marine, but choosing to stay in engineering, and close to her best friend and sometime lover.


Raised as a ship’s engineer aboard “The Mordred”, Aelis is a ship’s brat with no formal schooling. A member of * “The Iron Dingoes” space navy, she has loyalties to their organization, but personal loyalty towards the form of Engineer Mankheerharhallian “Mank”, with whom she is in a love/hate relationship.

Spaceman Aelis Eocha

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