Técnico Primero (Tech 1st Class) Jordan Bellinger

Iron Dingoes intel contact with the Sangrian Air Command


Airman Jordan Bellinger is a fuel technician stationed at the starport in The District of Garcia of the System – Dumassas. Formerly often assigned to maintaining the local military VSTOLs, and primarily responsible for their refueling, he has since been recruited into the Sangrian Air Command.

He is a Veteran NPC AeroTech, with responsibilities for refueling all military aircraft stationed in Ciudad Garcia.


A former mercenary tech from a failed infantry company, Bellinger originally hails from the Arkad district, just inside the Draconis Combine border. He was hired for his skill with AeroTech, and has quickly risen to the important position of chief refueling Tech for the all Sangrian military planes stationed in Ciudad Garcia.

He was easily recruited by Tech Shakira Demarkos, and has become a permanent contact on Dumassas, under the control of * “The Dingoes’ Fangs”. He answers directly to Captain Erika Hartmann “Glamour”. He continues to filter information regarding national military flights and aircraft throughout the developing nation.

Técnico Primero (Tech 1st Class) Jordan Bellinger

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