Antonio John Diaz

Retired Actor and former President of the New Sangrian Republic


Born and raised in the pre-1000 Days War The Republic of Sangria, Antonio John Diaz was the first president of The New Republic of Sangria, and the author of many of that nation’s innovative efforts to rebuild itself. He retired from public life in late-3032, and presently lives in his home district of The District of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina, where he lives a quiet life away from politics, though he is known to visit the capital from time to time, when required.

His wife, Justine Maurer, was a Darrian costumer he met during filming in 3000, and married her in 3003. They have two children, a daughter Allegra Sky (born in 3006), and a son Ryder Lee (born in 3007). He is an avid fan of soccer, and openly supports his local island team, the Sea Vipers, attending many home games, and remains closely involved in promoting the team’s activities.


Born in San Succi, The Republic of Sangria, Antonio John Diaz has been an actor, voice-actor, producer, playwright and screenwriter over the years of his career. He had starred in 75 major films prior to his retirement in 3017, had produced ten films and made over a dozen historical holovision appearances, including recurring roles in various holo-novellas.

Diaz came from a close family; his father was an aspiring film director, but dropped out of college for lack of funds. He grew-up poor, and was noted for getting into constant fights throughout his early school years, but always seemed to talk his way out of severe punishment. After high school, he began working his way through college at UNS (Universidad Nacional de Sangria), where he was exposed to acting through taking theater classes.

Doing stand-up early on, he did some television work, where he tended to play various “tough guy” roles. In 2999, he took his first lead in films, and after several more critically received roles, was accepted as a leading man in the acting world. By 3009, he was able to move on into theater, and was also critically received in several divergent acting roles.

In 3012, he was vocally supportive of President Albertina Diego during her incarceration, and financially supported her unionization efforts, having known her for many years in their shared careers. He did some theater work for several more years, but eventually grew tired of “the Biz”, and retired in 3017 while he still had a few new dreams to live. He and his family moved to The District of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina, where he quickly became its most famous resident.

Over recent years he was closely involved in local politics, serving the island council on San Andrés, and his voice had great value to both the local ministry, as well as the local citizens.

On December 1st, 3024, he was elected as the new president of The New Republic of Sangria, though he still officially resides in his home district, while efforts are being made to develop government offices and the needed administrative infrastructure. He travels often between the various districts, organizing and working closely with its various governors for the future. The cessation of the Small War helped secure his position, and his role in the on-going alliance talks with The Oriental Republic of San Isabel, has marked his early reign, as he is considered instrumental in the formation of The Commonwealth of Nations.

In 3028, he ran for and won re-election, though he has hinted he does not intend to run in the 3032 election. This term is largely a period of consolidation, as industrial and infrastructure investments take center stage. The improvement of the Camino Muertos, largely supported by The Industrialist’s League and Aegira Technologies, is center to these tasks, but represents a very long development project expected to be complete in 3050.

He retired from politics in 3032, passing the torch on to the next generation.

Antonio John Diaz

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