Lieutenant Colonel Allister Uirdo

Former Warlord of the Cuaca District


Lieutenant Colonel Allister Uirdo is (formerly) the western warlord of the Cuaca District, and although relatively inexperienced in actual military tactics, has maintained control of numerous rifle infantry companies. He should be considered a Green Infantry Officer NPC, but is a talented musician and songwriter. He is also well-schooled in Protocol (Darrian), knows several languages and is a devout Christian.

His personal military force consists of the 7th (Motorized) Rifle Infantry Battalion – “War Spiders”, having turned over control of the 3rd (Mountain) Rifle Infantry Battalion “Blue Caps” to Sangrian Army Command. He still holds regular practice with his unit in the army musical corps, and is well-loved by locals in Armenia.

All troops from the Guardia Civilia were formally absorbed into the regular armed forces, replacing losses from 3021 in personnel and materiel, though some units along the borders of the district still exist and remain virtually like bandits among the local civilian population. Following the Reconciliation Talks, two of the infantry companies (the 11th and 14th) were dissolved, and formed the basis for the local Policia Federales for the district. These units are quite loyal to their home district, and wholly devoid of the graft of which the national police were famous for.


General Allister Uirdo was born a Darrian, (the wealthy, land-owning elite of the Sangrian nation), Uirdo is a self-taught musician, whose early life was spent in private schools and attending the nation’s military college to graduate as an officer in the army’s musical corps. Rising as high as Captain in the Sangrian Armed Forces, he has led a fairly comfortable and simple existence. Stationed in Armenia , capital of the Cauca District in the western part of The Republic of Sangria, his unit was present during the raid by unknown Mech forces in 3021, that struck the town and destroyed its district and militia defenses.

When the smoke cleared, there were no ranking officers left in the local defensive forces, and the various small units all turned to him as a ranking officer. He quickly managed to take command of a united council of infantry forces, of which various prominent Guardia Civilia units placed their support in him, likely seeing him as pliant and easily controlled, and he was promoted to lead of the entire 7th (Motorized) Infantry Battalion.

Over the following months, he was able to show an amazing strength of character, un-noticed by others before. He quickly managed to bring his supporting officer council under his control, eliminating several in a swift strike when they were meeting to oust him for another candidate. By late 3022, he had even managed to garner the support of several companies from the 3rd Infantry Battalion in Popayan, and took the rank General following a vote by his supporting officers.

In early 3023, General Uirdo consolidated his control of the district, granting the civilian population very relaxed controls over land reforms and does little to govern the district’s municipal governments, beyond demanding their acknowledging his force’s protection of the region.

In late-3025, the Armenian Rookeries were assaulted by the national military, supported by artillery and conventional air forces from * “The Iron Dingoes”. Following these strikes, General Uirdo entered into talks with The New Republic of Sangria, and quickly turned over command of the 3rd (Mountain) Rifle Infantry Battalion “Blue Caps” to Sangrian Army Command. Operations enacted by the 3rd are still supported by his own 7th Battalion, but they operate with supplies and munitions from the national armories.

Reduced in rank Lieutenant Colonel Uirdo, stepped down as leader of the local military junta, officially turning over control of the district to the remnants of the civilian government in mid-January 3026. He is now simply the commander of the 7th Infantry Battalion and nominally in command of the 3rd Infantry Battalion, but many in the district respect him and his officers despite their involvement as effective military dictators.

Lieutenant Colonel Allister Uirdo

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