MechWarrior Alrik Frisk Jr

Young talented MechWarrior


MehcWarrior Alrik Frisk Jr. served the Line forces of * “The Dire Dingoes” piloting one of their spare BattleMechs, a heavily modified GHR-5H Grasshopper.

Height: 190cm
Weight: 102kg
Organization: Tortuga Dominion
Str: 5
Body: 7
Ref: 7
Dex: 4
Int: 4
Cha: 3
Edge: 3

Fast Learner
Compulsion/Exercise tp -2
Dependent (Spike) tp -2
Bloodmark tp -2

Special Abilities
Melee Specialist
Fist Fire


Animal Handling/Training 2
Career/Soldier 3
Driving/Ground 1
Gunnery/Mech 6
Interest/Fitness 4
Language/English 3
Language/Swedish 4
Medtech/Vet 0
Medtech/General 1
Navigation/Ground 1
Piloting/Mech 5
Protocol/Tortuga Dominion 1
Running 1
Sensor Operations 2
Small Arms 2
Swimming 2
Zero-G Operations 1


MechWarrior Alrik Frisk was born in The Tortuga Dominions around 3004, his parents we Alrik Frisk, a MechTech of some fame in the area and Whitney Frisk (Bar-Dyness), a stay-at-home mother that was the niece of Kalvin Bar-Dyness then leader of the Tortuga Dominions. Alrik grew up on Tortuga Prime and was taught quickly by his father the benefits of fitness and proper diet. For much of his youth, Alrik was around IndustrialMechs and Alrik took to piloting them at a young age.

Working his way up the ranks by constantly proving his skills as a pilot, he finally at the age of seventeen was given the opportunity to pilot a real Battlemech with the Tortuga Dominion. He was given a captured PXH-1 Phoenix Hawk from a recent raid into Federated Suns space, and proved his worth to the Tortuga Dominions through several successful raids into the Inner Sphere.

Growing tired of the brutality of Dame Paula Trevaline’s regime, Alrik decided to he was going to flee from Tortgua and her minions control. In early-3024, he was assigned to a company of light and medium raiding Mechs to attack System – Great Gorge. Deciding this was his opportunity to escape, he first advised his parents of his decision, and wished them well, as he figured it would be the last time he would see his them. On April 22, 3024, during the raid on Great Gorge, it became obvious that the Tortgua Dominion pirates were overwhelmed by the defending mercenary force The Dioscuri. While the Tortuga pirate force fled back to their DropShips, Alrik stopped and surrendered to the mercy of the defending Dioscuri military. He was quickly captured and turned over to the local authorities.

While in prison, Alrik heard of the mercenary company Content Not Found: idmc from the other prisoners, as well as the local corporate authority, Darkstar Dynamics. He was quickly brought to court, where he plead for mercy, explaining how he had not committed any act of actual piracy, as he only landed on the planet and then promptly surrendered to the authorities. After a quick deliberation, Alrik was released with only the possessions on his back, as the planetary government confiscated his Mech as pirated goods. While on Great Gorge, Alrik adopted a stray dog he discovered and named him Spike.



Alrik seemed to love Spike more than himself, treating him like a family member and never leaving Alrik’s side. After a year of working as an IndustrialMech operator, Alrik had saved enough money, packed up his things and headed off to System – Dumassas to meet with his possible new employer. A new life of adventures was about to begin.

He was assigned the unit’s GHR-5H Grasshopper, and placed to support the Line Fores of * “The Iron Dingoes”, in late-3027, in time to ship out with that unit on their latest contract. Following the unit’s extended campaign on Northwind and Basalt during the 4th Succession War, he was promoted to Trooper, and made a permanent part of the Line force.

Following the unit’s quick pirate-hunting contract into the Periphery world of System – Goria, he was promoted to full MechWarrior in late-3031. During operations on Elidere IV, he was slain along with most of the rest of the Line forces fighting the Draconis Combine in the War of 3039, along with his beloved dog. It is rumored that his puppies live on in the form of a Dingo-Dongo mongrel…

MechWarrior Alrik Frisk Jr

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