Recruit Amara "Youngling" Namani


One of the leading graduates from * The “War Dogs” College of Military Sciences in 3032, Recruit Amara “Youngling” Namani is an up-and-coming officer-recruit in * “The Iron Dingoes”. She was picked as an officer cadet for the unit’s newest force, * Task Force Dingo, and given a slot in its 16th (Assault) Combined Arms Battalion – “The Waraxes” BattleMech forces, due largely to a need to fill the unit’s empty roster.

A talented leader among her classmates, she won the 3032 Dingo Scout Games, and earned her own Iron Dingoes Infantry Field Kit (3023), a fact of which she is very proud. She is considered a Green NPC Infantry Officer, though she has tested as a potential recruit in its BattleMech forces. She also has some good skills in TechMech and various related skills.

Her parents both serve as civilians in the service industry, while her brother, Caleb, works and lives in Mercado, where he operates as a line worker at the textile mills.


Born in 3014, she was five (5) years-old when the Iron Dingoes entered her family’s life, when they were rescued from the clutches of REAPER’s lair on System – Gollere. While some chose to return to the Davion Outback, her family accompanied the Dingoes back to their holdings in System – Dumassas, and settled in Garrison.

Over the years, they have been supporters of the unit, though operated as civilians, both she and her brother were educated on the landhold, and among its first students to work their way through the entire system. Her brother went on to a civilian career as a line engineer in Mercado, while she entered its military branch of service.

In late-3032, she was assigned as an officer-cadet into the 16th (Assault) Combined Arms Battalion – “The Waraxes”, and expected to take command of a platoon of her fellow recruits within the next year.

Recruit Amara "Youngling" Namani

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