Ambassador Inara Serra

Iron Dingoes "Ambassador"


“Ambassador” Inara Serra is the unit’s Protocol specialist. Although she holds a rank of Senior Tech , she is professionally referred to as “The Ambassador”, more often than not.

She serves directly with * “The Dingoes’ Fangs”, in their Field Operations division, she has an office in Garrison and maintains lavish quarters onboard “The Factory”, often travelling between the two as required by her calling. She also operates a personally owned Callisto Luxury Yacht, that she keeps in the station’s main hangar bay.

Inara is a Veteran Diplomat NPC, holding numerous skills in negotiation, diplomacy, administration, as well as extensive experience in the protocol of every major House in the Inner Sphere and Periphery. In addition, she holds a pilot’s certificate, and has extensive medical training (including psychology) and skills in fine arts including calligraphy, tea ceremony and kendo. She is known to be well-trained in hand-to-hand and melee combat, including the use of the composite longbow, sabre, katana and fencing foil with amazing grace and skill. She’s also well trained in the art of seduction.


Born on System – Heroditus, Inara Serra was trained from an early age in the art of being a “Companion”, or something of an exceptionally skilled escort. She served her “House” loyally in this capacity for many years.

Her trainer then took her on an extended tour of the Inner Sphere and Periphery, exposing her to every conceivable culture and experience possible. Several years later, she returned to Heroditus and was granted leave to begin her own client-base. She travelled anti-spinward, across the Taurian Concordat and into the fringe systems alternating between the Davion Outback and the Hyades Rim, as her passage allowed. Eventually, she took to the trade route leading through System – Cassandra, and while in-system purchased herself a luxury yacht. She built a client-base among the wealthy in-system for a couple years, before seeking something more.

Enter the Iron Dingoes. Inara was recruited ostensibly for her skill and knowledge of protocol among the various Houses in the Inner Sphere, but she also saw it as a chance to travel widely and expand her “business”. She has not yet regretted the decision.

Intelligent, self-confident, and assertive, Inara is a highly trained woman who hires herself as social accompaniment. Her “professional” work is both legal and respectable, and both her status and training allows the units she travel with, access to higher class clients. Her training covers music, art, combat, and psychology, and she continues to cultivate these skills with practice.

Although she could wear a formal uniform, she prefers to look the part of a fair lady, and usually affects gowns in rich silks of an oriental style and cut. She is, however, always armed, and usually in very unusual ways…

For several years Inara was stationed in System – Dumassas, and became an important means of bridging the governmental gap between the developing nation of The New Republic of Sangria and the Iron Dingoes military Command Council. She generally hosted representatives of other nations when they did business with the Dingoes, and worked closely with Captain Carla Estrella in an almost daily basis. She was essentially the unit’s “go-to” for any matters requiring protocol and other social skills.

In 3029-30, she was dispatched to System – Pa’an to investigate the world, and come up with as much intelligence as she could regarding the politics of the situation, eventually reporting in to he unit’s leadership regarding her best suggestion as to resolve establishing a presence in-system. She then made her way back to Dumassas and re-established her position in-system as the unit’s representative at governmental functions.

With the rise of The Commonwealth of Nations, Inara became a fixture at Quez, and provided the Iron Dingoes as their local contact and adviser. During the troubles around Petrópolis, she was the active liaison with many civilian organizations in bridging the gap between the civilian agencies and the military aid provided by her employers.

Towards the end of 3032, as her purpose was diminished, she announced an intention to retire from a “professional” life with the Dingoes, and establish a more “private” life, basing herself from a nice chateau in La Centra of The District of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina. She also, however, announced the training of an apprentice to take eventually her place, a young orphan named Tabitha Stone.

Ambassador Inara Serra

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