Anderson Sebastian-Dawes

Lead Member of the Cortez Council


A lifetime citizen of The Trojan Dominion of Cortez, Anderson Sebastian-Dawes is the leader of the Sebastian clan, the wealthiest and most influential family on Cortez.

As a Belter from an isolated realm of rocks hidden among the stars, the world of politics has never been open to him. He is, however, very powerful in his home nation, controlling a leading mining troop, and funding several other “civilian” clans that support the mining efforts, such as the primary ore smelter and the logistics involved in organizing several other independent clans.

Skilled as a Small Craft pilot, he is also well-schooled in Bureaucracy and Negotiation. His navigational knowledge of the local Trojan is without peer, and it is rumored he has travelled the breadth of the system, and knows many of its secrets.

He works tirelessly behind the scenes to rally the laborers and other less legitimate elements behind his community, and is rumored to be the liaison to the pirates that occasionally visit Cortez.


“We are fighting for something precious here”

Born and raised a belter, Anderson Sebastian-Dawes is a life-long citizen of Cortez. His ancestors founded the colony, and he has followed in their traditions, spending his life to maintain his clan and fellow belter’s way of life.

He is married and has several children who also work in various aspects of the local government and mining efforts. He is thoroughly a child of Cortez.

Anderson Sebastian-Dawes

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