Andrés Iréworthy


While not physically imposing, Andrés Iréworthy is fit, compact and has the stamina built by La Facultad de Guerra’s tough physical demands. Dark hair, sun bleached. Light skin, heavily tanned. His chestnut eyes have a gaze that is brooding, heavy and intent, varying from warm bronze to piercing black. He comes across as intense, focused, and driven. His wit and wits are keen. While he prefers to think deeply, he has demonstrated a remarkable savaay in reacting quickly and correctly to sudden or unexpected crises.

Typically dressing in BDU’s with webbing belt and Acer SAR on a patrol sling, even when off duty. His rucksack is never more than arm’s reach away, and usually has an add-on day-pack containing all his ‘needfuls’ for the next 36 hours. His hobby seems to be to dabble in as many hobbies and interests as possible. With never enough hours in the day, he multitasks like mad, and is constantly seeking economies and efficiencies. For instance he always wears an earbud, listening to an eclectic array of programs, lectures, books, podcasts and music. While field-stripping his weapon, he’ll debate philosophy or doctrine with his study group in person or via headset. If studying at his desk he’ll use books as free weights, do stretches, or crochet. He founded the Kokoro Club to share this insight with others.


He is the youngest of three children born to System – Sligo natives John Paul Ireworthy (now an Iron Dingoes MP) and Theresa Wieczorek. They followed Master Tech Cutter from that frozen pit and serve the unit with distinction. The oldest, his brother Pedro, went into local politics, while his sister Valentína serves as a medic. Andrés went through the schooling system in Garrison before advanced placement into The “War Dogs” College, with several semesters at Lanseal and the Shadow Recruit practicum program.

A proud graduate from * “The Dingo Cub Scouts”, Andrés rose to attention because of his instinctive knack for (sometimes unconventional) tactical and strategic thinking. He demonstrated exceptional energy, initiative and intelligence… shooting through the unit’s educational system, and graduated with top honours.

He has a natural gift for Leadership, Tactics and Strategy, with an aptitude for command and control technology. A rare combination of instinct, insight, intuition and intellect gives him a gestalt grasp of the battlespace. This at times lets him perceive enemy intentions, and so seize the initiative or avoid nasty surprises.

Andrés Iréworthy

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