Baron (Captain) Laurana "Angel" Allard


Baron (Captain) Laurana “Angel” Allard is the young Mechcommander of * The Revenants, a typical small mercenary command of Mechs, armor and infantry, that was formed from the remnants of several other smaller commands, in order to make themselves attractive to employers. She is presently the owner of an extensive stretch of land in northern System – Gollere, having received the title Baron from the Duke of Tharn.

Captain Angel is, above all else, a professional. She was granted the leadership of the unit, partly as a nod to her father’s former leadership of the “Death’s Heads” company, and partly because everyone knows that she’s really quite good. Probably the best pilot in the group, she holds them together through her skill and lifetime as a mercenary brat, knowing exactly what it takes to survive.

In addition to her natural aptitude as a Mech pilot, she’s an able shot with her QKD-4G Quickdraw, she’s well-experienced in mixed-arms combat, and understands how best to take apart a Mech, and utilize the weapons at her command. Above all, she makes for a good raider, but is decidedly happy to have enough food on the table, C-Bills in her pocket and the Mechs in running condition. Angel is considered a Veteran BattleMech Pilot NPC, and a Regular Mercenary Leader, with some knowledge of Tactics, Strategy and Leadership.


Born a mercenary brat to Johannes Allard, and mercenary leader of the “Death’s Head” company, the unit’s claim to fame was its possession of an aging Union-Class DropShip, the “Herald of War”, which gave them some degree of liberty in the assignments they chose and the places they wanted to take contracts.

When initially hired, she questioned the need of a Periphery planet to need such a large group of mercenaries, but there weren’t many choices without taking some marginal garrison contract in the Davion Outback, or a potentially lucrative contract with the planet’s Mangai, with a promise of heavy support from a lance of MSK-9H Mackies.

Of course, * “The Iron Dingoes” are bigger and meaner than most units in the Periphery, and they weathered the initial assault and sustained attacks by the mixed forces working with the Death’s Head enough to bring real pain to the survivors. The unit surrendered when the united force’s nominal leader, Captain “Black Bull” Thorsten of the “Lords of Battle”, was taken out by an ammunition explosion in his WVR-6R Wolverine.

The survivors formed into the mercenary force known as * The Revenants, and after a month of refitting and repair, took a garrison contract with the new government of * Duchy of Tharn.


In mid-3029, after three years of garrison work, Angel was offered the chance at a landhold for herself and her troops, and she accepted Governor Jenna Marcuro’s offer from Duke Kanto Jokukad, settling her force in the northern Eagle Plains, region of steppe lands and hills stretching to the edge of the Northern Sea. By year’s end, she had retired the two foot infantry companies under her command as settlers, and they and their dependents began by establishing a small settlement along the coast, known as Graves.

The “Barony of Graves” is still in its infancy, and is little more than a rough frontier settlement, hosting her company of Mechs and tanks, and company of mechanized infantry, along with a cratered landing pad for their DropShip, the “Herald of War”, from which they operate and maintain their force. Graves itself sprawls in an untidy mess of colonial habitats and untidy fields and paddocks for a large number of recently acquired cattle, many of which were imported from System – Dumassas and have proven hearty enough to survive the rough steppes around the settlement.

It will be years before the community amounts to much beyond this, though her remaining mercenaries are likely willing to take a few off-world contracts for hard currency to improve their holdings.

Baron (Captain) Laurana "Angel" Allard

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