Commander Aoife McIntyre

Lead pilot of "Victory's Blood"


Commander Aoife McIntyre is the lead pilot of the Fortress Class DropShip, “Victory’s Blood”. She is young for someone in such an important position, but is capable though needing practical command experience. Aoife is a Regular NPC DropShip Pilot.

Tall, with black eyes and partial to dying her long hair various shades (presently purple and red), she is known to wear immaculate ship’s suits, and keeps things very tightly controlled. Since her crew are still rather young, they see this as normal and follow her lead. Her youth and statuesque figure are striking to people when they first meet her, but belie her intelligence and shockingly professional knowledge of ship’s systems.


In her early twenties, Commander Aoife is the youngest ship’s commander in the Iron Dingoes fleet. Something of genius in combat tactics, her loyalty to the unit is unquestioned, and she was originally one of the young refugees recruited on System – Dunkelheim during their confusing retreat from the system. Her abilities with navigational arrays and communications equipment are well-known in the unit.

Aoife became a junior officer serving aboard “Pandora’s Box”, and was promoted to the position when her superior declined the opportunity, in deference to his young family staying together aboard “Pandora’s Box”. She was given a crop of young, unproven officers and techs, all young recently promoted, to serve as her crew, and took possession of the “Victory’s Blood”, to get the ship off-planet and back to the unit’s holdings.

Over the last few years, she’s spent most of her time forging the crew into a single unit, capable of supporting the unit’s military forces. The size of her crew, however, has made it difficult, and its lack of direct combat experience might be telling in a throw-down fight, but they are capable of routine maintenance and flight operations.

Commander Aoife McIntyre

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