Arlana Jericho

Executive Secretary of JeriCorp


Arlana Jericho is an able administrative official, and heads the small corporation known as JeriCorp, founded many years ago by her father.

Arlana is a Regular NPC Corporate Executive. She also has passing computer, administrative and small arms skills, required by this position.

Arlana is known to wear high-end business suits and very feminine, though “classy” dresses when needed. She prefers, however, silver or grey suits, long, dark coats and is always seen in her ship’s suit when not expecting a formal meeting. She wears her chestnut hair long and straight.


Executive Secretary Arlana Jericho – Born in 2984, Arlana is older than she appears, though looking closely in her eyes tells the truth of the matter. From New Syrtis and educated at the planetary business college, Arlana is moderately skilled in computers, administration and leadership. She leans heavily on the skills of her employees to do their part, and doesn’t really understand much of the mechanics of space-travel or interplanetary interface, but is good at crunching numbers and has gained sufficient experience to negotiate around the lapses. Outwardly, she is competent and respected for her skills.

Arlana has become a stone-faced, iron-willed tyrant, where the safety and well-being of her little company are concerned. She has never shot a man in cold blood, but knows how to use a rifle from one or two boarding actions, and has started to become very cold and impersonal in public. In many ways, she’s positively gracious as a hostess and a cunning diplomat. Arlana is known to play a dozen versions of poker with the sweetness of Attila the Hun, and has a cheerful laugh.

Inwardly, Arlana is a total wreck. She’s trying hard to vindicate the responsibilities her father has laid upon her, and driven to the edge, she is holding-on with everything she can to refuse defeat; whatever the cost. As she sees things, the only line between her doing something desperate and staying “legitimate” is her pride; and that doesn’t have a high price right now.

Once the Dingoes presented proof of Excalibur Corporation‘s efforts against her, and offered her “employment”, she jumped at the chance to dig out from under the shadow of the people that have been striving to kill her and her father’s dreams. She and her small company are working in a contract with the Iron Dingoes as their JumpShip transport, in exchange for hard currency, and a share in the salvage they claim from their battles; supplies, Mechs or vehicles, it makes no difference if the items have a value and can be re-sold. One day, she hopes to see Excalibur Corp in ruins and herself at the head of a larger, self-sufficient fleet of ships plying the stars.

Arlana continues dealing with the Dingoes, and has begun to make inroads into the debts owed to her patrons. She has begun to collect goods with her limited excess funds, and trade whenever she is able to make a port-of-call. She has led her company over the last year in a series of successful interface runs between Davion space and the Periphery, including several lucrative runs between the Federated Suns and the Taurian Concordat. As a result of this activity, she has built a monetary reserve, and hired her own small defensive force of marines, trained in Dingoes tactics, to guard her ship in its endeavors.

Arlana Jericho

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