Executive Secretary Arlana Jericho

Executive Secretary of JeriCorp


Arlana Jericho is an able administrative official, and heads the small corporation known as JeriCorp, founded many years ago by her father. The focus of her operation is the JumpShip, “The Iron Vagabond”.

Arlana is a Veteran NPC Corporate Executive. She also has passing computer, administrative and small arms skills, required by this position. In the years since taking service with the Iron Dingoes, she has slowly amassed a core of trade goods and managed to pay down her corporate debt to reasonable levels. Acquisition of a second DropShip for independent trade operations remains a priority to grow her company. She is also expanding her marine force, and looking into purchasing a couple AeroFighters for point defense.

Arlana is known to wear high-end business suits and very feminine, though “classy” dresses when needed. She prefers, however, silver or grey suits, long, dark coats and is always seen in her ship’s suit when not expecting a formal meeting. She wears her chestnut hair long and straight, usually in a braided ship’s ponytail.



Executive Secretary Arlana Jericho was born in 2984, and Arlana is older than she appears, though looking closely in her eyes tells the truth of the matter. From System – New Syrtis and educated at Saso College, Arlana is moderately skilled in Computers, Administration and Leadership. She leans heavily on the skills of her employees to do their part, and doesn’t really understand much of the mechanics of space-travel or interplanetary interface, but is good at crunching numbers and has gained sufficient experience to negotiate around the lapses. Outwardly, she is competent and respected for her skills.

Arlana has become a stone-faced, iron-willed tyrant, where the safety and well-being of her little company are concerned. She has never shot a man in cold blood, but knows how to use a rifle from one or two boarding actions, and remains very cold and impersonal in public. It is said that in private, she is far more open and honest, but is tight as an airlock when required. In many ways, she’s positively gracious as a hostess and a cunning diplomat. Arlana is known to play a dozen versions of poker with the sweetness of Attila the Hun, and has a cheerful laugh.

Inwardly, for many years, Arlana was a total wreck. She’s tried hard to vindicate the responsibilities her father has laid upon her, and driven to the edge, she has held-on with everything she could to refuse defeat; whatever the cost. As she sees things, the only line between her doing something desperate and staying “legitimate” is her pride; and that hasn’t had a high price in almost a decade.

Once the Iron Dingoes presented proof of Excalibur Corporation‘s efforts against her, and offered her “employment”, she jumped at the chance to dig out from under the shadow of the people that had been striving to kill her and her father’s dreams. She and her small company continue working in a “Leash Contract” with the Iron Dingoes as an auxiliary JumpShip transport, in exchange for hard currency, and a share in the salvage they claim from their battles; supplies, Mechs or vehicles, it makes no difference if the items have a value and can be re-sold. One day, she secretly hopes to see Excalibur Corp in ruins and herself at the head of a larger, self-sufficient fleet of ships plying the stars.

Arlana continued dealing with the Iron Dingoes, and had made substantial inroads into the debts owed to her patrons back in New Syrtis. She continued to collect goods with her limited excess funds, and trade whenever she was able to make a port-of-call, leading her company over the next few years in a series of successful interface runs between Davion space and the Periphery, including several lucrative runs between the Federated Suns and the Taurian Concordat. As a result of this activity, she built a fair monetary reserve, and hired her own small defensive force of marines, trained in Dingoes tactics, to guard her ships in their endeavors.

Always looking to improve her bottom-line, she sought to purchase (or steal from Excalibur, if the opportunity presented itself) a DropShip or two to improve her trade capabilities. She was also on the look-out for a cheap couple of System Defense Boats, or AeroFighters to give her some more defensive teeth. She and Commander Daniel Schmidt had been known to spend considerable time together, planning routes and opportunities.

In late-3023, she was awarded with a very reasonable sixteen-year lend-lease agreement for the ownership of the “Elektra”, granting her fledgling company the ability to trade even while on contract with the Dingoes. Given her recent financial improvements, it was believed to only be a short matter of time before she could expand this fleet further.

Late-3024, saw Excalibur Corporation dropping all controlling debt they held over Jericorp, as a part of securing the Iron Dingoes assistance in gaining control over Interstellar Terramatrix Transport (ITT) Industries and bringing the League of Free Nations to its knees. She was dispatched on a quick trip to distribute supplies, wages and information to the various contracted units of the Dingoes, and took the opportunity to make a trade run at the same time. Gone until mid-3025, Arlana brought back more than news of the Inner Sphere.

In early-3029, she and her ship were released from direct service as the line unit’s lead hauler, with the introduction of “The Storis” to take their place. The vessel and her company took over a lead advisory position with Whippet Transport Lines interstellar operations, with a focus on “The Cutter” and her two dropship transports, “Buenaventura” and “Meteor”. The company turns over a percentage of its profits to Whippet’s holdings, in exchange for paying the vessel’s salaries and maintenance costs, and runs cargo and personnel when required. Arlana personally takes “The Iron Vagabond” on short missions along the Candle Route, connecting nearby systems with Dumassas and the Davion Outback.

In early-3031, while on an extended trade run into the Davion Outback, she encountered and acquired a copy of the Helm Memory Core. Cutting her mission short, she returned to System – Dumassas with the data core, and handed it over to the techs with * “The Iron Dingoes Skunkwerks”, who promptly began studying the information within.

Executive Secretary Arlana Jericho

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