General Luis Arturo Pérez


General Luis Arturo Pérez, is an example for all young soldiers in the Sangrian Army Command. General Pérez entered the Army, having as his objective to improve his education and challenge himself; however, after a process marked by discipline and perseverance, today, he is the only soldier in active duty who, upon having received his university degree, remained in the military and was promoted to become a commissioned officer.

Considered a model officer, he is both a skilled athlete (cycling and horseback riding), but is trained as a Psychologist, holding a college degree. He should be considered a Regular Infantry Officer NPC, with some experience in Computers, Protocol and Administration. Although capable with a rifle and pistol, and trained in tactics, he is not a combat officer, and is better-suited to the logistics of his present position, and leaves the soldiering to his senior non-commissioned and commissioned officers, who know their troops and jobs well enough to require little over-sight.



This outstanding officer was born in 2981, at his family home in Tesalia, a beautiful mountain municipality of San Succi. Memories from his childhood included horsemen and cyclists, both of which he made an important part of his normal life. He is high level athlete, recognized for his victories in several national competitions in and out of the military.

He was a part of the ill-fated 8th Royal Infantry Battalion assigned as support services, and convinced his fellow paramedics to surrender peacefully. His efforts and driven nature to help others led to his promotion and now has him in command of the 20th Engineering Battalion “The Hammers of War”. He is single, but he aspires to form a stable family when the right time comes. As any officer, his dream is becoming a General of the Republic; however, the most important role for him is to continue transmitting the improvement spirit to soldiers. He sees the chance to command this important battalion as an opportunity to make not just the army a better place, but the nation as well.

On the September 6th, 3024, Pérez was promoted to the rank of Colonel, and placed in command of Sangrian Army Command, with the intent for him to forge the Sangrian army into a more unified and mobile organization. In addition to organizing the Army Command and establishing its headquarters in Stirling Field, Ciudad Garcia, he is tasked with trying to unify them in thought, deed and purpose, something he is considered very capable of accomplishing.

In May, 3025, he had established Stirling Field as the central military command of the nation, and was promoted to full General by the government of Sangria, as well as command of its overall military efforts. He makes no illusions to his prowess as a combat officer, and remarks that he need to rely upon those with combat experience in the troubles ahead, citing * “The Iron Dingoes” veteran command staff as possibly the best resource they might have.

Since overseeing the reunification of the national military, as the senior officer of Sangrian Army Command, General Pérez has led the modernization of the armed forces, developing both the Victory 150mm Autocannon, and subsequent Jabali “Wild Boar” MBT. He has also been the main driving force in slowly modernizing the national military to its Dumassas (Advanced) Infantry Field Kit standards, and led a comprehensive training program of its youngest battalions. The present plan to fully modernize the national army to complete in early-3034.

General Luis Arturo Pérez

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