Tech Jordan Talbot "Trouble"

Former Mechbunny and Tech in the Dingo Pack


Tech Jordan Talbot is known as “Trouble” by many of the technical staff on the Dingo Pack. She has shown an amazing knowledge of “stock” BattleMechs and their fittings, and seems capable of becoming a skilled technician over time.

Tech Jordan Talbot was recently promoted to full Tech (and lead of her own team), though she still only rates as a Green MechTech NPC.


Tech Jordan Talbot is the teenage sister of Tech Alexander Talbot “Elminster”, and serves as a lead Tech in her own team in the * “The Dingo Pack”. Although relatively young, she is displaying a skill and knowledge of Mechs and related equipment that have taken her very far within the unit in a short amount of time.

She is also, however, an outrageous flirt and has quickly gained a reputation in the Pack as a MechBunny, taking an interest in anything related to Mechs, especially its pilots – male or female. It is known she and her brother do not agree on this attention, but whenever not doing work on her assigned vehicles or attending the (mandatory) classes in the Dingoes Den for youth, she is hanging around the other techs and trying to get into anyone’s cockpits… so to speak.

She has become very friendly with several other girls in the unit, especially Tech Brandy Wiebe and her best friend, Tech Mitsuko Kitsune.

Tech Jordan Talbot "Trouble"

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