Tech Lorelai Vansen "Rory"

Unit MechTech and Dependent


AsTech Lorelai “Rory” Vansen is a line technician serving in the Ground Technical Group of * “The Dingo Pack”. She is a Regular MechTech NPC, with few other notable skills beyond a passing interest in writing. She recently was promoted to line status, following the hire and need for loyal leaders in the technical teams of the Dingoes, and despite her young age, seems capable.

Rory is the younger sister of Trooper Shane Vansen “Queen of Diamonds” and her twin sister Tech Anna Vansen. She and her sisters remain close, and her recent transfer to lead LtSG Massimo De Luca “Advocate”s tech crew has allowed her to spend more time with Ann and her baby.


Originally serving as a simple child-laborer and then a sometime maid at the Deadwood Munitions Plant on Claybrooke, Rory Vansen accompanied her sister Shane with the Snow Dusters, when that unit fled the planet. She quickly learned to fill the role of technical assistant, fetching tools and learning basic maintenance routines. She has since become a valued member of the Dingo Pack, though she is still a young girl and has much to learn.

Rory is fond of junk food, coffee, holo-movies and similar venues. She has displayed an interest in writing and tries to read and acquire books whenever possible. Her fondest dream is to attend a university, like the newly founded NAIS, and study journalism, but she acknowledges that such a dream is not possible given her nomadic lifestyle and lack of connections and funds. She tends to stay under the radar and avoids most social activities, abhorring dates and trying her hardest to stay away from the Mechbunnies common among the many AsTechs of the Iron Dingoes.

Rory was recently transferred to lead LtSG Massimo De Luca “Advocate”s tech crew, a move which she has come to enjoy. She has proven to be something of a good leader, and enjoys spending time wiht her sister and her baby.

Tech Lorelai Vansen "Rory"

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