Duke Jemmas of Horn

Colonial Duke of the Gollere System


Duke Jemmas is a colonial ruler from the System – Gollere. His province, The Duchy of Horn, is a recently settled northern region of that planet, attempting to harvest raw resources for the industrial demands of the planetary capital at Tharn. It has employed the salvage of the local military ruins to full advantage, developing its own industry and war machine to the point that it is possibly the premier military force on the planet.

He is best described as an aristocrat. He is armed at most times with an advanced sheath armor fashioned from ceramic plates, and is well-known to bear both a vibro-blade and a laser pistol of modern origins. In addition to good access to wealth, and good connections with his political appointees in Tharn, Duke Jemmas is popular among the colonists, and has instituted numerous economic and educational standards, unique to Gollere’s technological standard.

His palace is a small fortress, built on the ruins of an old Taurian armory, that has definite influences of ancient Star League style. The large and well-built palace is known to possess a fusion reactor (almost unique to the planet), as well as an extensive underground level holding the Duke’s flotilla of modern military vehicles and extensive fuel reserves.



Duke Jemmas was initially appointed to the title of the Baron of Horn, and assigned to the newly colonized northern principality, in an effort for the capital to acquire desperately needed resources (namely iron, coal, timber and foodstocks) for its industrial efforts. He has spent the last decade building his nation into a realm of prosperity and accomplishment.

In early 3021, unknown forces began raiding his northern villages, burning the settlements and capturing locals for some other purposes. He hired * “The Iron Dingoes” through an agent, offering payment in hard cash, jewels and a lean against his remaining resource stockpiles, recognizing that in a few months he would lose them anyways, when the raiders extended their raids into the fields around Horn itself. They successfully destroyed these invaders, and ended the threat to his new state, allowing the colonists to get back to the business at hand. The Iron Dingoes continued to make economic and political ties with the state, and which continued to influence the people of this remote province.

In mid-3023, the Baron’s youngest daughter, Lady (Major) Heather Jemmas married Lord (Major) Michael Ruxbondy “Paladin”, commander of * “The Iron Dingoes”, and granted the Baron a potential ally to defend his clan and holdings. He has also improved his off-world trade with this mercenary force, who have begun to attract educated colonists to their landholdings and burgeoning war college.

In early-3024, Baron Jemmas accepted an offer to install the Iron Dingoes hard-won production lines of the Sonic Blade and LIF-CK “LIFer” Micro-Fusion Battery Pack in his territories, using his own college’s output of techs and administrators as staff. Promising them a 20% output for the unit, he accepted the lines and immediately set about building a facility and assembling the lines. Due to the corrosive damage many portions of the lines have received over their years of neglect, they require some extensive repairs and rare parts, delaying their complete assembly for some years. It is rumored, they intend to return production to the original “sonic blade” standards, making them into a military, rather than a civilian commercial good.

By early-3026, the Baron had built his colony into a prosperous and militarily strong demesne, and made a final play for the title of Duke. Using the slight against the marriage of his youngest daughter by Count Almaviva from The Duchy of Lovelace, he challenged and won a duel against his rivals, but was denied by the Mangai, which quickly precipitated the Battle for Tharn.

In the years since the take-over of * Duchy of Tharn by the Iron Dingoes, he has consolidated his power, and established his industrial efforts as a recognized corporation on the planet, though its mix of products has failed to gain a single monopoly in trade. He maintains his off-world trade status through the aegis of the Iron Dingoes ownership of Horn Industries, using their transports exclusively.

In early-3030, it was announced that he and The Duchy of Windward were moving forward in something equating a trade alliance, and began operating their military forces in some degree of coordination over the western regions of the planet. It is rumored that the two are working towards developing the agricultural production of both realms under the aegis of the Windward Development Corporation (WDC). Many technical advisers from Horn Industries, considered the most-educated technical crews on the planet, have been seen working in concert with the Société Nationale des Hydrocarbures (SNH), in establishing their oil refinery.

Duke Jemmas of Horn

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