Baron Kenton Sarne

Head of the Taurian Explorer Services


Baron Kenton Sarne is the head of the Taurian Explorer Service, and wields extensive power in the systems of the Hyades Rim, the region rimward and trailing of the Taurian Concordat. This region is also known as the Systems Constellation – “The Taurian Outback”.

He is a Veteran Military Leader NPC. He is closely assisted by Brigadier Karolina Kross “Cover Girl”, who always accompanies him.



The “Triple Scar” Emblem of House Sarne

Baron Kenton Sarne is a career Taurian Fleet officer, enlisting as soon as he could do so legally. After a stint in the Taurian Explorer’s Corps, ending with his return from the Hyades Rim and beyond, Sarne was promoted and transferred to the 15th Perimeter Fleet, quickly rising to command rank.

For several years Sarne served as personal commander of “The Renegade”, an ancient Explorer-Class JumpShip, and was noted for his effectiveness against pirates and insurgents. He quickly rose to flag rank, and kept the Renegade in his command. In 3016, Sarne won the appointment as Baron of the remote Outback Sector of the Hyades Rim, somewhat to the disappointment of his peers.

Sarne quickly began a series of operations bringing most of the pirates in the Systems Constellation – “The Taurian Outback” under control, and forcing the local systems to acknowledge the presence of the Taurian Concordat in the area. He first managed to piece together a task force of older JumpShips and DropShips sufficient to move his advanced strike force, known as the 1st Taurian Rangers, a mixed regiment of infantry, armor, Aeros and Mechs, that has become very efficient at pirate hunting and strike operations.

Forging a force of mercenaries, local rebels and his own House Sarne troops, Baron Sarne enacted “Operation Overlord”, the invasion and conquest of the System – Dunkelheim, from pirate control. His combined task force, known as TF29, managed to eradicate or force to retreat nearly three (3) regiments of Lord-Marshal “White Death’s” forces. His task force gained some valuable assets in the process (though it lost a few core units and DropShips in the bargain), but has since retreated from the planet, leaving the system to rebuild itself after several years of occupation and the brutal six (6) month war. He then returned back to the Taurian Outback, and the capital of System – Serenity where he carefully established his control over the region’s key systems.

Over the following decade, he built two new organizations; the 2nd Taurian Rangers, and a large force of infantry, known as Sarne’s Troopers, both of which operated largely as an occupational army in the systems he controls on behalf of the Taurian Concordat.

In late-3030, rumors began to circulate of his consolidation of power in the region, and increasing efforts by the Taurian Ministry of Trade and Colonization, of which he is a key member, to establish a trade route through the systems heading spinward around the System – Pirate’s Haven Star Cluster. Key to this new trade route has been talks with System-State – “The Unity of Promise”, in establishing repair and refueling access to Taurian merchants, as well as ensuring the support of Excalibur Corporation, whose capital of System – Tarsus is only two (2) jumps away from Serenity.


Ministry of Trade and Colonization

The Ministry of Trade and Colonization is responsible for stimulating trade and commerce within the Concordat. It is also directly involved with the charting and colonizing of new worlds along the Frontier. The Taurian Concordat has a history of being driven by a desire to expand its borders through colonization and to protect its hard-won freedoms from outside aggression.

Over the last generation since at least 3010, the Ministry has been engaged in the long-term assimilation and colonization of several systems in the Systems Constellation – “The Taurian Outback”. Baron Sarne has taken a personal interest in these efforts, backed by the Ministry and several other high-profile financial backers that include the Alphard Trading Corporation. Sarne has established a respectable foothold in the region, and occupies several systems with his military and has actually brought relative peace to the region as a result. These systems include the following, with the regional “capital” in System – Serenity.

System – Cádiz
System – Charleston
System – Fiery Plains
System – Micros III
System – Orkney
System – Pendant
System – Sebha
System – Simone
System – Serenity

Baron Kenton Sarne

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