Major William "Blaze" Blazkowicz

Leader of the Tharn Dingoes Guards


Major William “Blaze” Blazkowicz is the lead officer of the * Iron Dingoes Guards “The Lantern Corps”, and potentially the most powerful military man in System – Gollere. While other leaders hold more rank and command more troops on the planet, Blaze is a talented leader, a brilliant tactician, and slavishly devoted to the Iron Dingoes view of the potential of the * Duchy of Tharn.

In addition to skills as both an infantry soldier and a leader of the same, Major Blaze is a skilled marksman, tactician and strategic thinker. He has good interpersonal skills, though when people first meet with him, often all they can think is about his physical strength, imposing size, and his cold, blue eyes.

He has an aggressive style, and urges anyone within reach to do their duty, and do it well. A phrase he is often associated with, is “If you’re going to be a soldier, be a soldier, and be the best soldier you can be. If you want to be a clerk, be a clerk and get out of my way!”. He is not known for a fondness of strong drink, but can drink it if you place it in front of him. His hobbies seem to include working on his Jackrabbit Military Motorcycle, and practicing on the shooting range. His girlfriend is, oddly enough, a Kuritan technician, who recently took service with the Iron Dingoes main technical force, * “The Dingo Pack”, and has displayed a firm knowledge of Japanese culture and language; a legacy of his great-grand-parents. He also speaks German, Spanish and some French.


Of Polish (and possibly Jewish) descent, Major “Blaze’s” family came from Soul in the Draconis Combine, but his ancestors emigrated due to rising pressures against caucasian culture. They eventually settled in System – Gollere, hoping to use their advanced skills as technicians to carve out a prosperous life.

Over the years, the family gained a reputation for their knowledge of advanced tech, and found work as managers, and to this day, many of the techs in the most important companies on Gollere, such as Elemental Thrust and Komodo Armamnets, have blood ties to the Blazkowisz family name.

Wanting more than a simple life as a technician, Blaze took service with Tharn’s police force in Lantern City, and served for many years, rising in position and with a good reputation as an officer who gets the job done. By the time the Mangai bureaucracy took control of the district, he was a captain in the force, and was eventually promoted to lead the “cavalry” portion of the police, which was modified to use Jackrabbit Military Motorcycles instead of their traditional horses.

Major Blaze urged his troops to rise above the petty belligerence of his fellow troopers, and stressed community outreach and actually solving people’s problems, rather than trying to bully your way through situations. When the Iron Dingoes took charge over Tharn, he was the sole battalion officer who quietly supported their changes, seeing them as the best solution for his homeland, and led his troops in taking over control of the questionable “Tharn Republican Guards”.

Within weeks of the dissolution of the unit, he and his were given the chance to reincorporate as the * Iron Dingoes Guards “The Lantern Corps”, and he accepted, leading many of his former officers into leadership positions with the new para-military formation. While there has been some adjusting to the new traditions, such as equal opportunity among the sexes, and the modern equipment, his force has adapted faster than any other “native” force on the planet.

Today, Major Blaze leads his two battalions and whichever other forces * “The Iron Dingoes” place under his temporary command with an aggressive Do It! style, that has a good place within the culture of the unit, and has openly accepted their changes, as well as urged his own troops to comply, to the point that he is the most respected officer of the native troops on the planet. Hie is known to visit with the Duke of Tharn whenever he visits the capital, and has been hosted at the * Military Headquarters Randgeriz on numerous occasions over the years.

Major William "Blaze" Blazkowicz

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