Trooper Bodrick Thompson "Blaster"

Former Line Trooper in the Iron Dingoes


Trooper Bodrick Tomphson, or Blaster is a Regular Mech Pilot, with few other skills outside his Mech beyond working his way through the unit’s Mech-Bunnies. He pilots his ancestral WHM-6R Warhammer, Master.


Inheriting his WHM-6R Warhammer from his father, Blaster managed to make his way to the Mech-Dueling circuit on System – Dumassas, only to find the local House had been devastated in an ill-fated encounter with the Iron Dingoes. He demanded they hire him, and after proving his skills in a test, he was hired on a standard “Leash” contract of one year.

Having completed his term of residence with the Iron Dingoes, he took his pay and his refurbished Mech with him, and left the unit in System – Promise, planning to make his way with that mercenary-loving nation.

Trooper Bodrick Thompson "Blaster"

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