Brigadier Karolina Kross "Cover Girl"

General assistant to Baron Kenton Sarne


Little is known about Brigadier “Cover Girl”. She serves as Baron Kenton Sarne’s personal aide, and is always seen accompanying him in the field and aboard ship. She is known to wield considerable control over his schedules and access to him can only be gained through her.

It is well-rumored, in addition to her experience as a Veteran NPC Administrator, she has considerable martial arts experience, can wield any number of small arms and exotic weaponry, as well as being a skilled computer operator. She is rumored to be even better in the BattleMech simulators, and is a crack AeroFighter pilot. Her loyalty to Baron Sarne is without question.

She is always seen wherever Sarne is, often acting as his liaison abruptly prior to his arrival. Some officers who have met her, say that she’s friendly enough and personable, but that you need to remain on her good side. Rumor has it the last man that tried to make a pass at her was found in the bottom of a fuel truck tank… three weeks later… with a broken neck. Those who meet her will notice she seems to watch everything, talk to everyone and yet no one knows anything about her of any substance. Everyone tells you to avoid looking closely into her eyes.



Little is known about her past, but she entered Baron Sarne’s service during his tenure in the Hyades Rim, particularly during the pirate wars in the Reaver’s Rift. She rose quickly through the ranks and within a year, was on his personal staff. A year later, she was his senior aide, and seemed to be everywhere at his request. She is said to have originated the organizational basis for the 1st Taurian Rangers, Sarne’s primary military force, and is known to micro-manage many aspects of its supply and personnel transfers to this day.

Her rank of Brigadier is ranked just below that of a Colonel, technically as the XO of a Taurian regiment often referred to as a Lt. Colonel), but is also noted as the senior officer of four or more companies of BattleMechs engaged in independent operations. As such, she doesn’t have direct command over any of Sarne’s larger military forces, but in practice, this is largely moot as she speaks with the Baron’s direct voice; her commands are Sarne’s commands.

Brigadier Karolina Kross "Cover Girl"

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