Lieutenant JG Barbara James "Sunset"

Veteran LAM Pilot of the Marik 405th AeroFighter Wing


Lieutenant (JG) Barabara James is a very good LAM pilot, with experience operating as Recon to various Aero Wings across Marik space. She is a Veteran NPC Aero Pilot. Sunset pilots a PHX-HK2 Phoenix Hawk LAM.

Sunset left the Iron Dingoes at the conclusion of their Contract – Operation : “Overlord”, and has hired-on with an unknown force.


An excellent pilot, “Sunset” was among the best in the Marik 405th AeroFighter Wing. Lieutenant (JG) (formerly Captain) James has been with her beloved “Enduring Flame” Phoenix Hawk LAM all of her career. Many claim she was “born” in the thing, which has a kernel of truth to it.

A short brunette, she has an upturned nose and a sharp wit. Her experience has given her more than simple piloting skills, she is a good recon pilot and knows about desert survival and guerilla tactics. Her Phoenix Hawk LAM has been in her family for generations.

She was captured when her entire unit, the 405th AeroFighter Wing was eliminated on the ground before they could take-off. She has been given a parole, and has agreed to contract with the Iron Dingoes for a year, during which she will serve in the Reserve Unit as a Recon/Aero pilot in her old LAM, the “Enduring Flame”. While she lost the commission as a lance leader she once had, she remains an officer, and didn’t see a year’s service as too painful, compared to some of the other pilots in her former command.

Sunset served her year, and left the Iron DIngoes when her contract was up. She has not been seen since.

Lieutenant JG Barbara James "Sunset"

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