Commander Darryn Thane

Lead Pilot of the Dropship "Blood Rock"


Commander Thane is a tall, pallid form that stalks the ship, having little color to his fire-damaged skin under dark eyes. He remains very protective of “his” ship and her capabilities, and has gained quite a skill at operating her astrogation computers and systems. He is known for toting around a shock wand slung under his cloak, in addition to his pulse laser pistol and heavy comlink unit.

Commander Darryn Thane is a Veteran NPC Dropship Pilot.


The Blood Rock is captained by Commander Darryn Thane, an embittered bridge officer who suffered an accident in a shuttle, and received cybernetic implants to “repair” the damage. Exceedingly dour, he hopes to prove his worth to everyone, and struggles to escape his personal demons. He suffers from “confidence issues” in anything smaller than a dropship, and would never fly a small craft again. When on the bridge, he commands quite the presence, and is both forceful and demanding of his crew and their operations. Despite his failings, he is quite skilled.

Commander Thane has fit in well with the Iron Dingoes, though he isn’t too fond of disorder, and works hard to maintain discipline among his crew. He acts as the lead DropShip hauling the * The Blood Raiders when they’re on contract, and takes a perverse pride in his ship and crew.

Commander Darryn Thane

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