Lieutenant SG Eric Balmer "Tinman"

Former Senior Pilot of the 405th Marik AeroFighter Wing


A veteran pilot of many years, “Tinman” has overcome much, seen more, and survived because of his strength of character. Lieutenant (SG) Balmer is an Elite NPC Aero Pilot, and the best in the unit. He presently pilots an EGL-R6 Eagle, the very ship he formerly piloted under the 405th Marik AeroFighter Wing.

He is known for flying solo missions often, and preferring the solitude of low orbital flights to staying aboard ship for long periods of time. He tends to keep very much to himself.


Lieutenant (SG) (formerly Captain) Balmer has overcome many disadvantages. Born to a poor technician serving in the Marik Periphery Fleet, he studied hard and worked extra credit to qualify for a position in his planet’s technical school. His skill behind the stick granted him a slot in the Periphery Fleet’s auxiliary forces, and he eventually worked his way into a second-line AeroFighter, and command of a squad.

Several years ago, he was involved in a tragic fuel explosion that destroyed his units’ AeroFighters, killed several and he was forced to receive myomer implants and months of treatments to recover from his burns and injuries. Mind still intact, he fought back against fate, and earned a place in the 405th Wing as an interceptor pilot, eventually gaining the respect of both pilots and officers, sufficient to get the position of lead pilot in the Wing.

His continual command of the 405th AeroFighter Wing was maintained through the respect of his peers and fellow pilots, and in no way has he earned the position through pity. He flew the same AeroFighter during that tenure, that he presently flies. Having taken several severe injuries during its capture on Pilpala, Tinman woke nearly two months after the incident, aboard the “Dingoes’ Den”, and soon accepted his position, by contracting with the Dingoes for a year as the lead of their Reserve Aero Lance.

During operations on Dunkelheim during its contract there, he was relegated to piloting the unit’s STG-A1 Stinger LAM, and had nearly decided to leave the unit. He was offered, however, command of the reserve Aero lance, and command of his former Eagle, and decided to remain in the unit, provided he could fly more often. He is continuing his employment under “Leash” contracts for the time being.

Lieutenant SG Eric Balmer "Tinman"

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