Captain Frank Elgyn

Mercenary Smuggler Captain


A mercenary smuggler, Captain Elgyn is the leader of a group of sometime pirates, and owner-operator of the DroST IIa DropShip “Betty”. He is a Veteran DropShiop Pilot NPC.

Elgyn and his crew presently serve the Iron Dingoes as auxiliary haulers, often operating on detached duty to gather supplies or running priority cargoes and munitions. Their skills and smuggling experience have allowed the Dingoes to use them in other matters, from time to time.

As auxiliaries, their wages are paid by the unit, and they are kept on “retainer”, but are often allowed to run whatever cargoes they choose with the remainder of their available cargo space. So far, the semi-legitimate cover of working for the Dingoes has been sufficient to keep them interested in continued work with the unit.


As both a mercenary and a smuggler, Captain Elgyn has extensive contacts that allowed him to smuggle weapons and munitions from the black market in Liao space, to pirate and militia forces in the Periphery. He recently began serving Colonel “White Death” as a gun-runner, shipping munitions and priority cargoes from Colonel Death’s holdings on System – Dunkelheim to contacts in the Periphery – traditionally various Shadowports along the Davion frontier. In addition, the crew of “The Betty” often haul around specialists (such as Colonel Death’s personal techs and engineers), various specialty vehicles and other important cargoes when White Death relocates…

His present crew includes various scoundrels and ne’er-do-wells, who have worked with Captain Elgyn since he took possession of “The Betty”. They include his chief navigator (and lover) Sabrina Hillard; chief engineer Vriess; chief medical/communications officer Call, and secondary engineers Distephano and Johner. The unit has become rather like a family and they know their ship extremely well, including all its failures and hidden little secrets.

Commander Warrick “Mister” Christie, formerly the group’s XO, left the Betty in early-3023 to take command of his own ship, “Azrael’s Dagger” under the aegis of the Iron Dingoes. He still meets with his former crew on a regular basis, and remains friendly with them all.

Captain Frank Elgyn

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