Major Koko White "Azrael"

Daughter of Colonel White


A slim, fair skinned young woman with waist-length fair hair styled in a hime cut and light coloured eyes, Major Koko White, or “Azrael” has white hair with light blue eyes and pale skin. She is very similar in appearance to her sisters Captain Portia White “Deva” and Captain Selvari White “Seraphim”, although they are obviously not twins. Azrael is usually well dressed, favouring business suits or similar attire, with or without neckties. She also wears a white coat with a feather-like collar. Because she has a tendency to burn when out in the sun, Azrael usually wears a broad-brimmed straw hat when outdoors for an extended period of time.

A noted “arms merchant”, she is noted as selling her organizations unique APCs, the Amalek-Class Wheeled APC widely across the Hyades Rim. Although she also has numerous contacts, and offers more traditional arms including automatic rifles, pistols and combat armor, she is rumored to also have access to more advanced arms, such as military-grade exoskeletons and advanced weapons-systems. She should be considered a Veteran Merchant NPC and Veteran Administrator NPC. She likely knows how to pilot a Mech, but is not known to have done so publicly. She rarely engages in personal combat, but has been known to hold her own in sparring matches with her guards.

She also holds a great deal of respect among people related to the Haven Consortium, leading many to believe she’s a leading representative of that secretive organization among the worlds outside the Cluster. She definitely has the least militant role among her sisters, and seems to be their senior in more than just her rank.



In addition to her relations to Lord-Marshal “White Death”, and her sisters, she also has a son Jeremiah White “Lucius”, of whom she dotes on constantly, and treats interactively like both a little brother and personal assistant. She is not known to have any other relationships, nor who her son’s father might be.

Despite her age and personality, which has also earned her the nickname of “Princess” among business dealings, though never to her face, she is known to appear quite cheery and happy and sometimes acts immature when around her subordinates, having a tendency to throw fits when frustrated or angered. However, she is able to rebound quickly and rarely allows herself to remain stuck. Even when in dangerous situations, she is able to keep a clear head and actually smiles when she is in danger, seeming to appreciate the irony of having her life held in her own hands.

She obviously largely masks her true feelings. Azrael can be ruthless and determined, making her a very dangerous opponent as she will not hesitate to use various means, including deadly force, to reach her ends. She is unafraid of weapons because she is in the business of selling them and believes that one should not fear one’s own merchandise. She has a fatalistic attitude towards her own death, feeling that unless it is her time to go, then she will escape the situation unscathed. Azrael is also very charismatic, a trait that she exhibits openly, often attracting veteran troopers to her cause with a smile and a few choice words.

For her business dealings, Azrael only accepts payment in the form of cash, although she can make an exception by accepting raw diamonds. She refuses to take any credit and has met attempts to pay her with drugs by having her bodyguards immediately kill the payees. It is rumored she has difficulties sleeping and sleepwalks.

Major Koko White "Azrael"

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