Major Richard Moore

Infantry Officer


Major Richard Moore, is the leader of the mercenary infantry group, The King’s Cross Militia. Highly professional, and caring greatly for his crew, he is a valid addition to the unit’s assets, and could bring a great deal of help to the infantry force of the Iron Dingoes.

Major Moore is a consummate professional, and a Veteran NPC Infantry Officer. Distinguished and seemingly ageless, he is also a capable mechanic and loves tactical war games. His limited free-time is often spent reading and doing basic maintenance on his equipment and arms.


His unit has worked for both House Liao and House Davion, though most recently for the former. His unit was working as a security force for a minor corporate entity on-planet, when the pirates hit and destroyed their paymasters. They readily took service with the Iron Dingoes, as it was the only likely means to get off-planet. The troops had a reputation for loyalty and professionalism.

In early-3026, Moore was given a promotion to full major, and given command of the 4th Paratrooper Battalion “Yarará”. His unit promptly shipped off-world to System – Gollere.

Major Richard Moore

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