Carl Großmann

Mechanical Engineer


Carl Großmann is senior Mechanical Engineer and Assistant Director of the Terramatrix Industrial Salvage Corporation. Somewhat insecure, he is known as a bully to his underlings, but his skills in TechMech, Mechanical Engineering and Computers has kept him employed as second-in-command at the company.

He is a Veteran NPC Mechanical Engineer and TechMech, with good skills in communications and computers. He is said to love boating, fishing and swimming, spending much of his free time on nearby Lake Valencia.


Carl Großmann is a former mercenary BattleMech technician hired to oversee production of his company’s BattleMech line of Trooper FLE-4 Fleas. It was his genius that retro-designed the Lee-Metford MGs to work with the Troopers, and he was instrumental in further retro-work in adapting their imported lasers from the Excalibur Corporation.

Carl Großmann

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