Governor Carrie "Cara" Sifuentes

Civilian Governor of Hawkport


A young woman of dark brown hair and eyes, Governor “Cara” Sifuentes is the oldest daughter of Lord Administrator Prestor Sifuentes, and a skilled diplomat.

In addition to her traditional training, she has also managed to become a passable shuttle pilot as well as a capable mechanic. Her hand-to-hand skills have become important, particularly in the wake of recent training under the tutelage of the Iron Dingoes “dynasty”. Her other skills include Computers, Administration and Leadership.


“I had a very happy, stable childhood. Two parents who were very much in love with each other. I was raised on politics, but it never harmed the family. Resisting San Marcos never seemed to conflict with storytime, or trips together as a family, or… Or wonderful, sunlit afternoons spent driving across the tundra.”

Cara showed promise in politics and from early on, Lord Administrator Prestor Sifuentes began grooming her to one day succeed him in Borealis Corporation, encouraging her to attend school debates and corporate receptions for international and off-world personnel.

Approached in early-3032 as the potential leader of a new colonial development on System – Hawktor, Cara spent most of that year gathering potential colonists and supplies for the effort, with ample support from the Iron Dingoes in her efforts. Following the initial survey work by Rockhopper Exploration, she sent a first group by mid-3032, and followed-up with the first settlers before the end of the year, formally establishing Hawkport at this time.

Governor Carrie "Cara" Sifuentes

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