Recruit Cassius

Young warrior of the Corazon Jungle


A young warrior of the Corazón Jungle, , Cassius wasn’t much of a trooper initially, but is brave and tough, and can get into places most others simply can’t. Once considered a child by most people in The District of Garcia, he has since proven himself a good scout and hunter, and very capable of surviving on his own in the trackless jungles of Garcia.

Cassius is young, but a capable Regular NPC Scout. He has proven to be a fair shot, and knows his way through the otherwise trackless jungles by routes others cannot follow. He often serves as a courier, operating between Corazón Airfield and the general forces under Warlord Varsha Arkadjian, and has constant contact with both sides.

He took a position with 1st Ghost Battalion “The Shadow Ghosts” as an informal member, and since then, has been joined by several others of the young tribals who associate on a regular basis with the garrison. Unofficially members of the unit, they spend a great deal of time with these forces, and sometimes accompany local patrols in their duties, as well as lend a hand with the training of troops at Fort Boomerang.


A young, former child-soldier of his people, Cassius’ parents were slain by a Nexu while he was still a baby. Raised by the collective warriors of the tribe, he soon learned to become a scout and warrior and has proven himself to his tribe for some time.

Today, he operates as a courier for both his people and * “The Iron Dingoes”, running dispatches of a private nature between the two groups, and has clearance as a “Trooper” in Iron Dingoes service, with the ability to call upon their ammunition reserves and other supplies. He even knows several of the Command Council by first name.

In 3029, he was unofficially promoted to the rank of “Recruit” by the local garrison, and wears the badge of the Dingoes with pride.

Recruit Cassius

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