Under-Secretary Chrisjen Avasarala

Mommaseeta of Dumassas Politics



Appointed as the Under-Secretary of Interstellar Trade in late-3048, and head of the Terramatrix Trade Authority (TTA), Chrisjen Avasarala is one of the most potent political forces in the planet’s developing government.

A master politician and maneuverer, Avasarala has achieved one of the highest ranks in the burgeoning planetary government without ever standing for election. She manipulates those in the highest seats of power through careful cultivation of relationships with the spouses, friends, and staff nearest to them.

Avasarala belongs to a longstanding political dynasty on System – Dumassas, dating back to the early days of planetary exploration and colonization. Separatists assassinated her father during a period of social unrest, and her son, a soldier, died in the line of duty while defending the capital from pirate raiders.


“I like getting shit done and, I like keeping my head attached to my neck.”

Daughter of an important political leader of her home nation, The Free-City of Peregrine, she was one of Secretary-Marshal Omar Hilale’s personal aides, and with his assassination, she rose to lead his remaining governing structures until the election of Frederick Paxton to replace him. She was immediately placed as Under-Secretary of Interstellar Trade, and nominal head of the Terramatrix Trade Authority (TTA) given her familiarty with its operation and expertise in dealing with the important political organization.

There are many who believe she is likely to become the next Marshal-General of The Commonwealth of Nations.

Under-Secretary Chrisjen Avasarala

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