Trooper Chyler Silva

Shadow Recruit


Trooper Chyler SIlva is a Shadow Recruit, presently serving in * “The Werewolves” as its newest member, with a specialty in electronics and computer ops.

A resolute and highly competent Shadow Recruit, Trooper Silva has maintained a modest but serious approach to her chosen profession as a soldier. Both her upbringing and her firsthand experience of the harsh reality of military life has made her wholly the Iron Dingoes creature. Driven largely by a will to protect innocents, she often is heard to declare that the Dingoes are the only hope for bringing peace to her homeworld, Dumassas; she has been quoted in her files saying, “…It’s not the kind of war we should be fighting, but it’s the kind of war the universe is forcing us to fight right now…”. Remarkably well-adjusted despite a childhood of constant exposure to violence, and having suffered tragedy on a very personal level, she appears content with her military lifestyle. Instead, it has galvanized her resolve, and she refuses to torment herself with her loss.

Trooper Silva was among the first to cross-train as both infantry and technical support, and has proven as adept with her Engineer’s Tool or communications gear, as she is with a rifle. She is considered both a Regular Infantry NPC and Green Technican (Electronics) NPC. She has recently begun advanced computer ops training, and appears to have, as her officers have said, “…a solenoid soul…”.

She has an older brother, Caleb who is a fairly new teacher in the * Landhold : Garrison’s secondary school, is specializing in history and social studies.


Trooper Chyler Silva grew up in the Iron Dingoes. Chyler and her family were dependents pulled from the Dingoes retreat on System – Claybrooke, and as a result, they were forced to learn a trade and how to protect themselves from a young age. One of the first batch of students in * “The Dingo Cub Scouts”, she learned how to handle a rifle at the tender age of ten. She spent her formative years learning that you either learn to fight, or you fight to learn.

Both of her parents were early recruits to the Dingoes growing force of soldiers, and both have since died serving the unit in various conflicts over the years. Developing a strong personal sense of duty to the Dingoes, who are all she has known growing up, she intended to become a soldier and prove herself to her chosen family. She took to the Shadow Recruit program with relish, eventually leading her own squad, encouraging them to become better troopers, rather than berating them to improve.

Fully embracing the program, she proved to have an exemplary performance in her education; she was active in technical training classes, a proficient marksman, and achieved record times among her peers in drills. She even took pride in the physical training, finding it demanding, but knowing that the end result would make her something to be proud of.

Trooper SIlva served her first actual combat assignment attached to the 9th Marines Platoon as a technical Shadow Recruit during Tragnar’s invasion of The District of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina. Although initially shell-shocked by the ferocity of it, she displayed a serene calm under stress, retaining her proficiency and focus, and was noted as providing key communications to target enemy anti-armor fire during the hellish firefight in the town streets north of the airfield.

Trooper Silva was assigned to the Werewolves with the start of the new year in 3025, due more to her capability to apply herself and learn, than her actual knowledge and experience with computers. Her psyche profile showed the calmness and a certain level of loyalty that Dame Modesty Scrope “Viper” was looking for, moving forward. She is presently learning the uni’ts tactics and how to pilot her predecessor’s Battle Armor – Tornado PA.

Trooper Chyler Silva

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