Tech Izabella "Cinder Soot" Jaeger


“I know all about nothing. And I don’t have time for your crap.”

Another of the young orphaned recruits the Iron Dingoes have picked up over the years, and who generally serve in the units salvage squads as junior technicians.

Izabella Jaeger, also known simply by the moniker “Cinder Soot”, for her primary responsibility to examine salvage on the battlefield and tag it for retrieval by the main salvage teams, which usually results in her being covered in ash, Mech coolant and other noxious fumes from her work.

A trained technician, she ranks as a Green MechTech NPC, and is known for her tomboy ways and her large collection of clothing, music and small technological bobbles scavenged from the battlefield. She has proven quite adept at her work.


Orphaned in the battles that turned System – Dunkelheim into a wasteland, Izabella was found among the starport’s ruins. In this unusual family, she’s grown up tough, brave, and amazingly adept at repairing machines, while working through * “The Dingo Cub Scouts” program, eventually graduating from the unit’s Military Academy with a Militares degree.

Iza was attached to the 1st War Hounds as one of their general techs in late-3031, and is expected to rise quickly through the ranks.

Tech Izabella "Cinder Soot" Jaeger

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