Force Sergeant Citra Talugmai-Montenegro


“You are warriors. You live for battle. Every man you fight dies and deserves to have his life taken from him. You wear the marks of your calling. You feel the jungle around you. You are Rakyat!”

Known to the her people, the Rakyat as their “warrior goddess”, Citra Talugmai-Montenegro is cloaked in the mystery of old ritual and superstition. Charismatic and beautiful, she has long advocated for power and wishes to return her people to the glory of its past under the Taurian Concordat.

Many might consider her mentally unstable, but she is far more lucid than her older half-brother Warlord Vaas Montenegro ever was, and perhaps proved far more capable as a commander. While quite unpleasant at times, she remains understanding that her people need to survive, and has always been willing to do anything to fulfill that mandate. She commonly seeks unorthodox measures to overcome obstacles, and has proven to be a talented infantry tactician, though she is still learning the more complex combat concepts involved in combined-arms operations.

Following a long five-year stint at a rehabilitation prison near Gaucho, Citra was placed in charge of a platoon of the 1st Star Guards (Sangria) Battalion, where she was trained to use the modern equipment and arms of that force, as well as given a basic understanding of combined-arms warfare. She presently remains stationed at Governor Albertina Diego Airfield, where she has proven an exemplary, if danger-seeking, small unit commander. Her old troops still respect her as their former leader, but follow the existing chain of command at her insistence.


The younger half-sister of Warlord Vaas Montenegro, Citra has always lived in his shadow. She became, early on, something of a mystic, and eventually rose to command one of the three fortress-towns of the Armenian Rookeries, in The District of Cauca.

In late-3025, the other two strongholds quickly fell to a brutal, uncompromising strike against the power of her tribes. Her stronghold, Rakyat was only spared initial destruction because she surrendered the citadel to forces from both * “The Iron Dingoes” and The New Republic of Sangria, who took everyone prisoner, and then destroyed the abandoned stronghold with explosives.

She and her people were kept in an internment camp located just inside the border of The District of Guaviare for several months, and then moved to an abandoned prison facility near Gaucho, where they were kept under close watch by a small detachment of mercenary security forces. Eventually, most of the dependents were released from detention, particularly those with small children, and assimilated into various communities across the country.


In late-3030, Citra and her forces, after several years of careful medical treatment to manage the effects of their ’Black Oil" (and other) drug addictions, and psychological treatment to counter their indoctrination of Armenian Superiority, the bulk of her people were released under a promise to serve a five-year term as soldiers in the newly christened military arm of The Commonwealth of Nations, The Commonwealth Star Guards. The recruits were broken into small groups and dispatched across the entire organization in an effort to dilute their unity as a whole, with Citra taking a position as a platoon leader (Force Sergeant) in the Sangrian force at Governor Albertina Diego Airfield, where she still serves.

Force Sergeant Citra Talugmai-Montenegro

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