StarLord Brandy Wiebe "Black Rose"

Glamour's Heir Apparent


StarLord Brandy Wiebe grew-up in the shadow of BattleMechs her entire life. She has worked hard on her skills to head a squad of AsTechs, sufficient to qualify as a Veteran Tech (Aero) NPC, serving Major Erika Hartmann “Glamour” as lead in her technical team. She is also a capable Aero pilot, and well-acquainted with the workings of a LAM. She is the local leader of the Starlords – “The Brethren of the Void”, leading several pirate bands in the region.

Brandy is into music and some of the more dangerous and exotic vices known to civilian life. Trouble from her earliest years, she is known as the resident expert in “Mecha-Trash” music and is rarely without her headphones jacked into her portacomp. In the last year or so, she has begun to show signs of growing-up, taking on the responsibility of a team of AsTechs, and trying to prove herself to others in the unit. Some have said something might have happened to her that pushed this change, but she won’t even confide in her BFF, Senior Tech Mitsuko Kitsune “Silver Lotus”. Most think that it was just the horrors of the Civil War.

She presently pilots a TLS-1B Talos, heavily modified to include various LosTech devices typical of “Black Ops” machines of * “The Iron Dingoes”, using both a PPC in place of the autocannon, and several prototype double-heat sinks to manage the heat.


The teen-aged younger sister of Jakob Wiebe “Boom-Boom”, formerly of the 13th Provisional Company.

She is rarely without her portacomp and its selection of thousands of songs, all of which she knows intimately. Brandy is known to wear her mother’s dog-tags, something she fidgets with constantly, and considers her most prized possession.

She is hostile and private, a typical teen one might say. Her best friend is Senior Tech Mitsuko Kitsune “Silver Lotus”. She has also struck up a friendship with Tech Jordan Talbot “Trouble”, and the three were often seen together in the Dingoes’ Den commons. Her transfer, however to the “Pandora’s Box” has put a crimp in their continued associations, and now simply keeps in contact through vid-chats, late into the night…

Brandy heads one of the squads in the Ground Technical Group of the “Dingo Pack”. She acts as head of Major Erika Hartmann “Glamour” technical team, and she is rumored to be in training as Glamour’s “Apprentice”, learning LAM and VTOL operations.

She had also discovered her brother might be part of a conspiracy of some sort, and torn between loyalty to her brother and fear for his life, she reported her suspicions. The events that followed led to an “Unexpected Diversion”, and the courts-martial and imprisonment of Tech Brandis Turgan for treason, though he now works closely on top-secret projects for the command crew as a sort of “parole”.

Within a couple months, her brother’s loyalties proved their position, when during the initial May 3019 invasion of The District of Garcia by The First Fire, he and several other MechWarriors rebelled and tried to seize their DropShip, the Stone Dog. They failed, and he was last seen fleeing into Ciudad Garcia, leaving his sister and his past friendships behind… She turned-in a note left in her quarters her by her brother, which hints that he participated in the attempted coup only to protect her from unspecified “…terrorists…”. His present whereabouts and status are unknown at this time.

She served Glamour well for many years, and most in the unit saw her as the individual slated to replace that worthy when she finally retired from active service.

She inherited the position of “StarLord” of the Hyades Rim when her mistress died on Elidere IV during the War of 3039. Upon return to System – Dumassas, she took her Piece of Eight, and travelled to System – Aurore to claim the title, winning in several grudge matches with several other pilots before managing to take the title in 3042. Her first form of tribute to the Warlord, was the recovered Merchant-Class JumpShip, the “Ulysses Run”, taken from 309th AeroSpace Maintenance and Regeneration Group “The Boneyard” in 3041.

Returning to the unit’s landholds in 3042, she asserted her authority over the various pirate bands in the region who served her in the Starlords, including Darius’ Corsairs, the Rat Pak, and The Belladonnas. She has since organized them into something more efficiently referred to as The Void Warriors, a new auxiliary arm of the Iron Dingoes hidden forces.

StarLord Brandy Wiebe "Black Rose"

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