Colonel Thomas Rivera

CO of the "Vigilante's" Mercenary Company


Little is known about this man, beyond his apparent skill in leading his Jump Infantry Unit in combat. A talented Jump Infantry Officer ( Veteran NPC Jump Infantry Officer ), he has put together a small, but highly capable unit of mercenary troops that serve System-State – “The Unity of Promise” as its elite combat force.

The unit itself owns a Leopard CV and a Gazelle DropShip, and is equipped with four heavy AeroFighters (at least two are Slayer’s ), and a pair of Mark VII Landing Craft, that they use to deploy their force of marines in taking ground targets and other DropShips. A single Merchant-Class JumpShip has been placed at their disposal by the government corporation.

Their highly skilled infantry use highly technological equipment, mostly believed to be advanced Jump Suits, but they keep much of their actual deployments secret, and security remains tight around their two DropShips.


The unit and its commander, Colonel Rivera appeared out of nowhere about three years ago. They quickly gained a valuable reputation as pirate hunters, and have been well=paid by the government of The Unity of Promise to be on a Retainer contract, and be available at a moment’s notice for deployment anywhere near their borders.

The unit always insists upon Independent Command, and has never failed a amission. Their motto is “Eternal Vigilance”.

Colonel Thomas Rivera

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