Commander Allison Cavanaugh

Lead pilot of the "Scotian Huntress"


Commander Allison Cavanaugh, is the lead pilot of the “War Huntress”, and a civilian navigator by trade. Considered a Regular NPC DropShip Pilot/Navigator, she has extensive experience in systems Communications and Navigation : Space, as well as Computers and various Technician skills related to DropShip operations.

Placed in command of the Scotian Huntress as a promotion from her regular crew, she is independent and very capable in her chosen profession, though her experience in battle situations remains very little. She is invariably described as pushy, aggressive, rude, smart, angry, empathetic, and determined to save others, even at great cost to herself. She quickly gains the attention of anyone who serves with her, and learns that she is loyal to the end. She tends to face problems directly, and doesn’t back down easily. She’s also willing to learn more about anything of importance, and space combat seems like just another skill to adapt.


Allison Cavanaugh has served with Commander Thomas Dallas for more than two decades, and earned her promotion to pilot her own vessel under * “The Iron Dingoes” banner through years of hard work first as that crew’s navigator/communications officer, she wanted more, and the Dingoes offered her the chance at promotion and her own command. She jumped at the chance.

Now commanding the lightly crewed “War Huntress”, she is trying to bond the crew together in her first full command, and has seemingly fit right into her position.

Commander Allison Cavanaugh

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