Commander Daniel Schmidt

Lead Pilot of the Brush Wolf


Commander Dylan Schmidt is a straight-forward former commercial pilot, with the charisma and leadership skills necessary for his position. In addition, he is a capable trade expert from his years as pilot of a commercial Bucaneer-Class DropShip.

Commander Dylan Schmidt is a Regular NPC DropShip Pilot, and lead pilot aboard the “Brush Wolf”.


Commander Dylan Schmidt was a talented former commercial pilot who gained a position with Sunburst Enterprises as the lead pilot aboard the “Hot Booty”. Although he questioned their actions, they paid well and he swallowed his pride and worked for them. The collapse of Sunburst Enterprises led him to re-examine his priorities, and he has decided to set himself on a better path and work with the Dingoes as proof for his true character.

As straight as they come, and a very “see it to believe it” person, Commander Schmidt is a hard man to convince unless the facts are on display before him, and rarely takes things “on credit”. Seeing little hope for a future without goods in hand, he plans for his future, often hoarding supplies and parts whenever possible. He is, however, known to enjoy a small game of cards, provided the bets are “reasonable”, and nothing major is at stake.

Commander Schmidt exhibits concern over his crew, and sees their survival as his primary responsibility; the mission comes second. He still has feelings for his ex-wife, but remains a firm friend, though their similar personalities often lead them into heated discussions about the next step they should take. He is aware of Commander Kristina Schmidts burgeoning relationship with Captain Massimo De Luca “Advocate”, but has taken it in stride, since he seems to be very good towards her, and ultimately, he cares about her being happy more than he wants to be with her.

He personally never approved of working with the Scropes, but they were his means of employment for years. When they cut and ran during the “Scrope Incident”, he lost any remaining loyalty he had to them.

The “Surprise Party” raid on System – Dunkelheim made him leery of allowing his ship’s troops to be taken on any raids in the future. He is very vocal on the subject of ship defenses when grounded, and not easily moved. He spent a great deal of the following year sorting personnel issues as a result of this raid.

In 3023, the DropShip was down-graded to a reserve force, and spent a good year on-planet at * Landhold : Garrison, conducting an overhaul and replacing its poor life support systems with an upgraded model. In 3024, the vessel was placed in the unit’s defensive forces based from “The Factory”, and while independent in its command, works closely with Commander Warrick “Mister” Christie in planning patrols and defensive operations of their charge.

Commander Daniel Schmidt

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