Commander Elissa Dresden

Mercenary DropShip Pilot


Elissa Dresden is a chameleon. A respectable DropShip pilot, she has done many other things in her life, and is a mistress of many trades. She is easily enamored of power, and above all else, wants to be filthy, stinking rich, capable of doing almost anything to achieve her goals.

In addition to being a Regular DropShip Pilot NPC, Elissa is experienced as a JumpShip navigator and pilot, AeroSpace pilot, and in both Astrogation and Communications. She is also a skilled Acrobat and Freefall expert, along with Zero-G combat trained. It’s rumored she also has experience in certain “persuasion” skills.

Commander Dresden is said to still maintain a grudge against the Dingoes command staff for her lengthy incarceration, but has been compensated and keeps her personal opinion to herself.


Little is known about Elissa, though she initially claimed to be a System – Cassandra local. She might be, but she’s obviously travelled extensively, and speaks with a backwater drawl that hints at a lengthy stay in the Davion Outback.

She is always carrying a sonic stunner on a shoulder sling, as well as a bag holding her personal computer, Comms unit and flak armor suit. She tends to have some access to funds, and carries 10,000Cs on her at all times.

Formerly the lead pilot of the “Silverlight”, Elissa spent over a year as a “guest” of the Iron Dingoes, stationed on the “Star Talon”, until there was finally a decision made regarding her fate.

In mid-June, 3023, she was signed to a Leash Contract to command the “Spearhead”. She commands a skeleton crew of former members from the unit’s fleet of DropShips, and has made bringing the crew to a full status as quickly as possible.

Commander Elissa Dresden

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