Commander Freyr Rogan

Former master of "The Factory"


A stocky, red-haired man (fading to white) with pale skin and intense, blue eyes. He was known to smile rarely and even then, with little humour. He is authoritarian and was known to react with irrational violence when his orders and commands were not acted upon to the letter. Clinically he was a sociopath. It is unlikely he could empathize with individual or social restraints and felt no guilt or remorse for his actions. He was however, charismatic and clever, traits that served him well while working within the hierarchy of Excalibur Corporation.

He was believed to be a Veteran Administrator NPC, with skills as a Broker, with secondary abilities in Leadership, Prospecting and Streetwise.


A rising star in local the local cell of the Excalibur Corporation of System – Cassandra, Rogan gained management of the facility known as The Factory prior to the Belt Wars.

His tenure as the station’s master was brutal.. He ran the station like a feudal fief, not a mining operation. Anyone stepping out-of-line was disciplined severely – but he showered his favorites with gold and rewards. In short, he was a bastard. A violent, disturbed, and possibly insane, man.

During the final years of the station’s activity, he allowed a research team to use the medical facilities of the station without Excalibur’s knowledge or sanction. Studying the viability of developing robust, reliable stimulants to boost mining productivity. The research took a dark turn, with most of the subjects suffering from psychosis and death. He shifted the failure of the project to mining incompetence, worked the station’s equipment to the nub, and paid-off the scientists, before declaring the facility as non-repairable.

Rogan closed the facility down, and retired somewhere out-system. He was the last seen on Vineyard Habitat, in the System – Cassandra, engaged in some sort of shady dealings. He actually spent the next decades engaged in smuggling and amassed sufficient capital to buy a transport DropShip, the Silverlight, and founded his company, “The Silverlight Free Company” as a front to cover even more acquisition of assets, supplies and cash. During this tenure, he cultivated a series of nefarious contacts, eventually learning of the re-activation of “The Factory”

Towards the end of June, he recruited a number of desperate mercenary thugs, and failed miners to create a scratch combat force and attempted to re-take the station right underneath the noses of the Iron Dingoes own forces. He nearly succeeded, though he was eventually captured at the very door of The Silverlight’s cargo ramp, docked at The Factory itself. He was never seen again…

Commander Freyr Rogan

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