Commander George Romanus

Lead Pilot of the "Aviso"


A former Shadow Recruit, Commander George Romanus is the lead pilot of the “Aviso”. Young for a pilot. he is considered very loyal, and given his position over a crew of questionable engineers, was promoted largely for this aspect of his personality, rather than experience. He is considered a Green DropShip Pilot NPC.

His crew are a mixed force of bonded engineers from the so-called failed Rim World’s Republic, with several young and loyal Shadow Recruits as fellow officers and lead engineers. A squad of Iron Dingoes marines also serve aboard the vessel, ensuring against disloyalty by the lower ranks, and providing basic security of the ship and its officers.


Raised largely under the leadership of * “The Iron Dingoes” aboard the “Blood Rock”, Commander Romanus is the son of ship’s engineers. Given his background as a ship’s rat, he was destined to take command of a ship of his own one day. In late-3027, he passed his qualifiers and was appointed the position of commander of the recently acquired DropShip, the “Aviso”.

While he and his crew are relatively inexperienced in actual combat operations, they train hard, and are working to bridge the gap between the former crew and the Iron Dingoes crew.

Commander George Romanus

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