Commander Lee Nystrom

Lead Pilot of the Revovler


Commander Lee Nystrom was the lead pilot of the Iron Dingoes AeroSpace Carrier, the Revolver.

Nystrom considered himself to be quite the ladies’ man. He was utterly convinced that no woman could resist his charms once he sets his sights on them, and as such, he was often seen as somewhat rude and even obnoxious by female members of the unit. It is rumored, he had set his sights on Tech Janet Pearson prior to his death.

Nystrom was also something of a rough and rugged fighter, and a two-fisted drinker. He looked forward to periods of shore leave, and frequently sought-out the rough parts of town in hopes of spawning a few bar fights. Once things got heavy, his high skills in melee combat put him in good standing, and he usually came out on top. For the most part, Nystrom fought fairly.

He was a good pilot, and was skilled in vacc-suit and micro-gravity operations, electronics, and drive engineering, as well as being versed in many ground effect vehicles and AeroSpace vessels. He was considered a Veteran NPC DropShip Pilot, but could easily have been better, if he applied himself. His crew became a skilled and capable team.


At an early age, Lee Nystrom left his home in System – Star Forge and became a hand aboard the Davion cargo DropShip, “Barry Elliot”. Although he had always been interested in various types of vehicles, it wasn’t until this point, that he was encouraged to actually pursue his hobby seriously. On the Elliot, he quickly became well-versed in the operation of every vehicle available, and proved a valuable asset.

When the Davion military began transferring its assets out of Systems Constellation – “The Outrim Void”, and he was down-sized, he made his way to System – Drellesarr, hoping to find employment with some crew or other, when he was hired by * “The Iron Dingoes”, to pilot their carrier DropShip, the Revolver. He worked hard to get his team to improve their abilities and they worked well together in their assigned AeroSpace role.

He and his vessel and crew were lost during operations on Elidere IV during the War of 3039.

Commander Lee Nystrom

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