Commander Maxwell Carter

Pilot of the DropShip "Buenaventura"


Formerly Chief Petty Officer Maxwell Carter AFFS Navy, Commander Carter is now the lead pilot of the cargo vessel “Buenaventura”. Now a civilan DropShip pilot, he is treated well enough for his skills, and is able to support his family well enough, so is content in his position. In some ways, being the commander of his own vessel, has given him a power and position in society he was never likely to obtain serving the AFFS Naval Fleet.


Originally serving in the AFFS Naval DropShip fleet stationed at System – Outpost, but retired to civilian life, working ships as they became available. He was able to get command of the Buenaventura by luck, passing on towards Tauurian space.

He has settled well enough in the district with his family, and holds a position of some respect and authority. He stays away from talk of rebellion for their sake, and recent riots and the subsequent deaths and arrests have only reinforced this view. He does not, however, inform on those who talk to him about such activities, and secretly supported a proper bid for the over-throw of the local regime.

He continues to command the “Buenaventura” with his old crew, in support of trade in the district, granting the Iron Dingoes access to more income for their coffers, and supporting the industrial efforts of the surviving nation.

Commander Maxwell Carter

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