Commander Pablo Othello

Commander of the Garcia District Guardia Civil Garrison


Easily once the most hated and feared man in The District of Garcia. He terrorized everyone and accepted pay-offs from anybody. His death made his killers incredibly popular among the local population of farmers and even among the industrialists, though it would have caused considerable problems among the national government and its governing forces, had the government not already fallen.

He commanded the strong-arm of the local bureaucracy, and represented its national interests. Even though it was heavily funded and supported by the national government, it remained hopelessly cruel and corrupt. Most of their actions involved arresting, torturing and executing visible civilian protestors, particularly students and labour organizers. As an organization, they are opposed to the development of 4th (Motorized) Rifle Infantry Battalion – “Garcia’s Own”, and seemed to have done everything in their power to frustrate The Industrialist’s Leagues efforts to militarize the district.

The Guardia Civilia – Garcia also worked underground, wearing masks at night and kidnapping or killing dissenters or just for personal pleasure. Since President Tazael (President of the Sangrian National Congress) was once the leader of the Guardia Civilia, he turned a blind eye to their excesses.


The Commander wore a fancy uniform with numerous medals earned in “…defense of the nation…”, each polished brass and be-ribboned. His ancient automatic pistol, a remnant from the era of the original colonial settlements, was seen as a symbol of his strength and ties to power in the region.

The Commander is assumed to have died during the assault on their barracks in May of 3021. He has never been seen since the destruction of his HQ building and command center in the fight that destroyed his power-base.

Commander Pablo Othello

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