Commander Warrick "Mister" Christie

Mercenary Smuggler


Commander Christie is a mercenary weapons smuggler in formal service with * “The Iron Dingoes”. He has taken command of the single most powerful DropShip in System – Dumassas and is the lead officer of the unit’s nascent Combat Star Fleet.

In addition to his skills as a Veteran DropShip Pilot NPC, Commander Christie is a skilled Navigator (Space), Streetwise and Negotiation. His numerous contacts include various Shadowports and black marketeers across the Davion Outback.


The former XO from the “Betty”‘s crew, Commander Christie has served the Iron Dingoes as an auxiliary officer for many years. In late 3021, he took formal service with the Dingoes as a full Commander, with the promise of getting command of the unit’s next available DropShip.

Raised an orphan from age six, he has always had difficulty in social encounters, and has lived the life of smuggler for nearly his entire life. He is fond of collecting books and always has a pair of body pistols on his person at all times.

As of mid-February 3023_, Commander Christie has taken command of his vessel the “Azrael’s Dagger” with his hand-picked crew recruited from System – Tequila Beach. They were described as “…the scummiest collection of pirates and bandits ever to set foot on board a DropShip…” by several members of the unit who saw them first arrive on the planet. He does, however, seem very loyal and has his crew well in hand.

Commander Warrick "Mister" Christie

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