Commodore Hal Southland

Lead Pilot of the JumpShip "Iron Vagabond"


Commodore Hal Southland has extensive experience in micro-gravity environments – both in the Periphery and among the worlds of the Inner Sphere, served during his naval service.

Commodore Southland is a Veteran NPC JumpShip Pilot.

Having worked for JeriCorp for seven years, beginning as a drive engineer and working his way up the ladder quickly to crew captain. Prior to his time with VoidCorp, he spent 32 years as an officer in the Liao Navy, becoming familiar with many types of starships; Jumpships, Dropships and small craft.

He was a Commodore in the Navy; his title of “Commodore” reflects his position aboard the ship. He is a loyal and competent worker and seems loyal to Jericho’s vision and his daughter. He is something of a legend in the Periphery for having (unofficially – the incident was never reported) outfought two raiding heavy assault shuttles trying to seize the ship and her cargo, six years ago, destroying one and damaging the other.

Commodore Hal Southland

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