Consort Jessica White "Ariel"

Consort of White Death


Consort Jessica White is Lord Marshal “White Death”’s wife and a member of the highest of the Marshal caste of The Starlords – “The Brotherhood”. She is beautiful, loyal, and the perfect picture of a Starlord consort. Beneath the surface, however, lies a different side that is ready to break free from the traditional subservient role assigned her by her position.

“Ariel” seems to come from old money and is very cunning. Her role is best described as being very “Lady Macbeth”. She is always expressive that her family (and by extension, she) should have more power. Those who get to know her, recognize she is far more powerful and dangerous than she appears. For now, her ambitions are tempered by her caste upbringing and social norms, but any who cross her are quickly on her enemy list, and should be very, very careful.


Few understand the background of the entire White clan, and “Ariel” is even more of an enigma; she has always just been his consort, as long as Colonel White has been around. When he claimed his territories in The District of New Haven.

Consort Jessica White "Ariel"

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