Captain Carla Estrella

Liaison Officer to the Sangrian National Army


Given her lengthy relationship with * “The Iron Dingoes” Captain Carla Estrella has been assigned by the Sangrian Provisional Government as their permanent liaison officer, providing a connection between the civilian government and that mercenary force.

Captain Estrella is a Regular NPC Intel Officer. Captain Estrella has noted skills in Administration, Interrogation and Communications, but is certainly not a Mech pilot. She is capable in hand-to-hand combat, and able to use most small arms efficiently.

There is little doubt of her ultimate loyalty to the Iron Dingoes, and many in national politics consider her an unofficial member of that organization, despite wearing a Sangrian uniform and answering to Sangrian Army Command and the President of Sangria.


Captain Carla Estrella is an intelligence officer, that regards the give and take of combat akin to a cat and mouse game, and prides herself on building the better mouse trap. Her predictions about enemy activity tend to be correct about 70% of the time, which is better than most of her more experienced colleagues.

Somewhat secretive, she is also very self-confident and coldly dispassionate regarding her responsibilities. She is regarded as somewhat unprincipled.

During the time they have spent together, starting with Captain Estrella acting as the liaison officer to the * “Sangrian (Air-Mobile/Mechanized) Training Cadre”, she and Captain Jerri Holden have become an item. Captain Estrella keeps an apartment in the Pegasus Arms complex in Ciudad Garcia, but also has a small house in Garrison and an office in the local Mech Barracks. She maintains an assistant from Garrison who is a junior officer (and her unofficial Shadow Recruit) of the Iron Dingoes, and who accompanies her everywhere in her duties.

In late-3031, captain Estrella was made the official liaison officer to * Iron Dingoes Autonomous District (IDAD), a task for which she was qualified and had the experience to fulfill. She continues operating much as she always has, living in both Ciudad Garcia and Garrison as required to complete her tasks.

Captain Carla Estrella

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